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Posted on 4/21/2010 | 8894 views

Peep Eliminator

All Peep Eliminator rifle sights are designed to obscure the front pin if you torque the bow or have your head in the wrong position as when it was sighted in, making you correct your mistake before you shoot.  You will correct your mistake in seconds and make an accurate shot.  No other sight on the market will do this for the arch

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Hi, my name is Melvin Dine and I’m the inventor of the Peep Eliminator compound bow rifle sight, folks this is called a regimented design with the lights and dots it’s for multiple pins, our pendulum pin has a wrist at light on so you have different settings. I designed my sights to hide the pins, once you have the (inaudible) so you don’t have your head exactly where it was when you slided it in it hides your pin. Dark to bow, it hides the pin. Keeps you from, makes you keep correct that mistake before you make that bad shot, you don’t be shooting in the shoulder or stomach anymore cause if you have your pin where it belongs, you have your head where it belongs you make a bad shot every time. That will never happen with the Peep Eliminator, you put your head exactly where it belongs, and it hides the pin. I have an extender sight if you’d like to extend it out you can extend you sight, extend your rear sight, front sight, your distance from the side planes. Then I have a dominant eye sight and if you’re right handed or left side dominant this allows you to shot a right handed bow and aim with the left eye or vice versa.  And then I also have a multiple dot sight for a single pin shooter, if he does not get his first shot off before the animal moves he compensates this will allow him to shot 40 yards if he’s cranking out 275 feet per second but now you won’t have to make any adjustments to the sight. This is a finished product with the adjustable sight; you can see it’s got the multiple pins with the light.  This is what the finished product with the regimented design, there again it comes with….you just buy the rear aperture, works with every bow, any sight, you can shoot from any angle or position, shooting around the tree as long as you got your bow you can shoot this way, this way, this way, makes no difference what position you are in as long as you can see the pin, in the V, in the target, you’re dead on. Thank you very much.

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Re: Peep Eliminator

Just really curious what kind of bow that is? Thanx

Posted by Rod on 7/28/2010 3:53:26 AM

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