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Posted on 6/14/2010 | 7371 views

NAP Thunderhead and Spitfire Edge

Serrated blades on the new Thunderhead Edge and Spitfire Edge broadheads provide maximum damage upon impact, created better blood trails and quicker recoveries.

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Everybody loves the thunderhead, it’s been tried, true tested, and everybody has used it for years. We have a new thunderhead edge, it’s a dual action serrated blade so what you get this is a tactical serration.  Nobody makes a serrated blade like this, this is a patented seration. So what this does is you get a smooth cut on flesh and hide and then when it touches bone, any bone cuts through, saws right through the bone, it’s like going through butter when this blade the serrated blade goes through the bone. This thing is the most durable, flies like a field point, if people like the nightmare before then combine the nightmare the way it flew with the thunderhead and the durability and knockdown power you’ve got it in the thunderhead edge. 

Also new from NAP in 2010 spitfire edge, take the inch and three quarter with the chisel tip, add serrated blades. What happens one of these blades touches any bone, a rib bone instead of the rib sliding apart it saws right through. It’s unbelievable; it’s what you need for pass through penetration.

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