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Posted on 6/14/2010 | 6604 views

NAP BloodRunner 2 and Apache Rest

NAP has several innovative new products out for this year including the new 2 blade, 2 1/16" cut Bloodrunner, and the rugged full-capture Apache dropaway rest.

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I’m Todd at the ATA show with Brady with New Archery Products. We’ve got the new two blade blood runner, I know the website you guys have been asking a lot of questions about the two blade ones. I know you guys are excited to show it so Brady do your thing and show it off; I’ll get out of your way.  I’m telling you all that we’ve got this two blade blood runner this year, last year everybody loved the three blade we sold a ton of them. The two blade, here it is, flies like a field point over a two inch cut, it’s actually 2 and a 16th cut, get pass through penetration and we’ve killed a lot of stuff with it this past year. It’s a must have broad head for your shops this year; anybody that’s gonna go out and shot something, if you liked anybody with two blades and big cuts then you want to get the two blade blood runner. 

The other thing we have our big product this year, you want a full containment, sturdy, durable, rugged rest we got our Apache arrow rest. It’s got tool less adjustment, you don’t need any tools on the range, easily adjusted, easy setup, drop away, quiet as can be, full containment $59.00 retail so it’s $130.00 rest you are getting for half price. Guys gotta go out, there’s your two must have products from New Archery Products.

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Re: NAP BloodRunner 2 and Apache Rest

Not being a huge fan of the original BloodRunner, I'd have to say I'm pretty excited to see the BloodRunner 2! We will just have to wait and see...

Posted by John on 3/11/2010 3:51:54 PM

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