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Posted on 6/14/2010 | 5692 views

Mrs. Doe Pee Buck Lure

Judy Collora from Mrs. Doe Pee shows off their best selling bottle of doe in estrus buck lure, now available in a Mathews "Passion" signature series spray bottle.

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Hi, I’m Judy Calore with Mrs. Doe Pee Buck Lure. We’re at the ATA Show 2010 and we welcome you to our booth. My husband Sam and I have been doing set and lure for about 19 years now, we’ve owned deer for 22 years and we thoroughly enjoy this industry and are very proud to say that we put out an excellent quality product.  One of the new things we have going on in 2010 is that we have joined the Matthews team and are providing to all of the Matthews dealers a lost camel labeling on our best selling bottle which is a 2oz spray bottle; now the beauty of this bottle is that when the hunters get out in the field you can drip to your stand, you can squirt it or you can really fine spray mist and I don’t know if you can see that but in the field that is a great way to apply a good Estrus lure. Now, we have a lot of very, very loyal customers who love our product and their multi day hunters; they get out in the field as much as they possibly can and what I tell them to do is don’t ever get rid of this dispenser bottle, you can pull this tip out and if you buy a larger bottle a 4 or 8oz size you can refill this bottle, throw it in the fridge at night and take it out with you in the field on a daily basis with just the amount that you think you may use.  It hold 2oz and normally you not going to use more than that out in the field but this is a great applicator, it’s got this really nice lost camel covering on it and we call it Matthew’s Passion Doe Estrus because it’s what those bucks are all looking for that passion.

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