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Posted on 8/20/2010 | 5155 views

Leupold Range Finder

The new bow-mounted rangefinder from Leupold allows you to range your target while at full draw, meaning no more excuses when you miss!

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This is Leupold’s new vendetta range finder specifically designed for bows, will allow you range targets between 10 & 79 yards, uh what this will allow a user to do is have a basically have an operation where you no longer have to range, put your arms down, had a lot of movement in your blind or in your tree stand so now what we’ve got is an operation to range your animal (demonstration) and not have a whole lot of movement. This particular unit is ambidextrous, you can mount it on either side of your bow depending on how it best fits your application, um runs on a CR2 battery and is waterproof.  What you do is you align or laser or your target with your top pin for the unit and that’s your line of sight sighting device.  Once you have that accomplished there’s a 12 inch cord from the vendetta unit with pressure activation switch; you can mount this whichever, in whatever location works best for your personal preferences.  We have to happen to have some tape over the hole switch here at this location, it’s right in the middle so all a guy has to do is press it one time; pressing it one time will activate your range finder, a second time will give you the range. If you keep your finger on the activation switch with constant pressure you can use it in pan mode which will allow you to range in your 10 to 70 yard area.  This is Leupold’s new vendetta bow archery range finder, this will be available in retail stores starting about April 1st, you’ll see it retailing for $299

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2 Comments on "Leupold Range Finder"

Re: Leupold Range Finder

Does this range finder have ARC capability or just line of sight?

Posted by Gerald on 1/26/2010 4:07:42 PM

Re: Leupold Range Finder

Great product just dnt like the 12 inch cord....

Posted by B&C thwackkk*star* on 9/20/2010 12:36:18 AM

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