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Posted on 8/20/2010 | 5643 views

Improved Bushnell Trophy Cam

For 2010 Bushnell has made some big improvements to their popular line of trail cameras - the Trophy Cam.  Check them out here, only at Bowhunting.com!

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Alright we’ll we’re here at the ATA show and we’d like to show you some of the improvements we’ve made to the Trophy cam, wildly popular camera in 2009 and uh slated for a good year in 2010.  We’ve made several improvements to this, we’ve gone from 24 LED’s to 32 LED’s for extended night vision so uh this camera will easily reach out to 45 feet and in some cases be on that and in addition to that we’ve got a new groove on the back of the camera for a cable lock to go around a tree like the master python lock.  Uh, we’ve also expanded the memory on, on the new trophy cam to except up to 16 gigabyte SD card so now with the one year battery life of the trophy cam, you can leave these in the field and get ya know 10,000 images on your card and not have to go out and pull the card throughout that year so a great feature 16 gigabyte SD card capacity. Uh, we also have a 32 megabyte of internal memory on the cameras so if you don’t have a card you kind of want to try it out and get started see what sort of images it takes you can take about twenty images but we don’t recommend putting it in the field without that SD card.  We’ve got widescreen video on the cameras this year so it’ll do a 720x480 resolution movie clip and so everybody’s used to widescreen on the TV now, now we’ve got widescreen video on the trophy cam and last but not least uh we also have on our, on our color view screen unit a 2 inch color viewer so if you turn the unit on, you can see that you’ve got a nice wide view screen now and you can review your movies or your images on the camera and be able to scroll through them and see what you’ve taken. Here’s a little movie clip we took yesterday, somebody telling an archery story probably about the one that got away but uh a neat little way to review your movie, movies and images right there on your camera, um and the final item for the trophy line new this year is the new bone collector trophy cam uh and real tree AP. We’re very proud of this and think this will be a good seller for 2010.

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