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Posted on 8/20/2010 | 4739 views

Hooyman Extendible Tree Saws

One of the most popular items on Bowhunting.com, the Hooyman Extendible Tree Saw now comes in two sizes to meet all of your tree and branch trimming needs.

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It’s the hooyman extendible tree saw. We have the only saw that you can use as a handsaw alone just like you’d use any other hand holding saw. Differences are steel is a SK5 high carbon steel, it’s the highest grade steel you’re gonna find on a saw blade.  Our teeth our heat treated it’s impulse hardening it’s called; what that means basically is you get longer blade life your teeth ya know it’s gonna stay sharpen longer. We call it the Mega bite blade, so you’ve got a hand saw and an extension saw on one product, this just simply snaps on the end (demonstration), click the latches open and now you’ve got your extension saw, this is I-beam aluminum, you can see the slot there that’s called a positive blocking system which means when you saw its never ever going to collapse in on you.  The problem with those big, long round pole saws is that a lot of times you saw and they’ll collapse in, there’s no slot, there’s no lock there. The other feature of course is the I-beam; I-beam are a lot stronger than a pole, you’re not gonna get the downward flex like you would on a round pole. This one is our five foot model, so this one you can reach up depending on your height up to 13 ft or more width and cut. Compacts down to 12 inches. Just simply put these slots (demonstration) release, snap, and good to go.  This is our 10 foot model, exact same concept except this one is 28 inches long compact and extends up just about 10 feet so your pole saws that you buy in a hardware store that extend about the same distance, this one is less than half the weight and 3 x more compact so as hunters you wanna be have something that is light weight so you can be ya know so it’s more portable so you can be more mobile, that’s what these do. We also have a carrying case after much demand for something that could be clipped onto a, a tree stand or your belt we came out with a carrying case for our 5 foot saw. It is designed actually after a lot of different holsters, it’s padded, and nylon its very high quality case, the saw just slides right in there so it’s nice when you are climbing right up the tree you just can get at your saw you can be cutting as you are climbing it is very handy that way.



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2 Comments on "Hooyman Extendible Tree Saws"

Re: Hooyman Extendible Tree Saws

Looks like a great Product. Very Well engineered

Posted by Josh Tellefsen on 2/2/2010 11:41:07 PM

Re: Hooyman Extendible Tree Saws

I bought a Hooeyman saw and found to be a terrible design and the glued shims came loose the second time I used it. I returned it for my money back, I would not recommend this product.

Posted by Steve Acheson on 12/9/2010 9:42:28 AM

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