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Posted on 6/14/2010 | 5938 views

Hawg Lite Marauder Lighting System

The Hawg Lite Marauder lighting system is perfect for bowhunters who need some extra light on night time hunts.  Perfect for bowfishing and hog hunting.  This light has a super long burn time, is available in three colors, and is both waterproof and shock proof.


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Hey folks, we are here at the 2010 ATA show in Columbus, Ohio. We are showing y’all the Marauder lighting system hawg light; it’s the ultimate lighting system for the bowhunter.

 It’s got three LED heads, a red, a green and a white allows you to hunt any legal game at night with your bow.

It also comes with a tail catch switch which you can take it off and use it as a premium quality flashlight. It’s powered by three AAA batteries, 80 lumens, 3 watts, you can use it for a regular flashlight with the white, you can use the white light for bow fishing, and you can use the red or green to hunt hogs, coyotes, varmints or whatever you want to hunt. Y’all need to get you one and if you ever want to hunt at night this is what you need.

Thank y’all.

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