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Posted on 6/3/2010 | 3786 views

Gut Wrench

GutWrench gets the guts out so you don't have to! A gutted bird cools faster, tastes better and lets you continue to hunt without worrying about spoilage! Simply insert through the vent, twist one turn and pull. GutWrench gets the guts out for you - no more bloody hands; better tasting birds!

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Hi, my name is John Roppenhagen and with Hunter to Hunter Products. We have a new product out this year; it’s called the gut wrench. This one, particular one is a turkey model, we have turkey, we have a goose, duck and pheasant model also.  The tool is really simple to use, simply insert through the vent of the bird, give it one full turn and pull it out, it brings out all the guts, diaphragm, heart, lungs one easy twist and you’re done.  Takes about 8 seconds

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