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Posted on 4/21/2010 | 3302 views

2010 Madison Deer and Turkey Expo

Take a look at some of the new products featured at the Madison deer classic, as well as seeing some nice bucks!

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Morning guys, we’re at the Madison, Wisconsin 2010 deer and turkey classic. We’re here at the expo center we’re checking out a lot of new products this year; we’ll go through and show you a few of those products that we found that are really unique uh, we’re hoping for a good day today and think its gonna be a good turnout, a lot of people coming through.  Offering our DVD’s, buy one and 2 bowhunting.com, we’ve got 32 hunts on here all bow in IL, WI & IA and now we’re ready for a good day. 


Hi, Karen Weeden with Mighty Oak Outdoor Gear out of Sioux Falls, SD. We are here to relieve the pain of setting up your (inaudible) cameras at each season. We manufacture the pivot point camera mount, this one goes right into a tree and gives you many options, you can mount it on any tree; here’s the base model, this screws right into the tree either using um a little stake we provide or you can use a cordless screwdriver with an Allan bit. then you attach it together and get it set at the right angle that you want it, place your troph camera on it either attaching it underneath or if it has a set screw on the back you can directly place it on the back and then tighten it up and your ready to go.


What we’ve got here today is the Lane maker 2 it’s our new saw, found out it was really hard to get a good practical saw for the hunting industry. We put two safety catches on it, we’ve got one right here so a lot of people when you close this you close it down on your hands, get bloody knuckles it’s happened to me, we have 2 safety catches so when that happens it’ll catch right there. The other thing we’ve done is we’ve got the teeth that are offset so if you cut both ways when you saw it will cut forward stroke/backward stroke just keep the pressure to the back two-thirds of the blade so it will last you a lifetime. We’ve got a lifetime warrantee, all we ask is that you keep the pressure off the front third of the blade. Take it, just take it takes no effort to cut with.


Uh, what we’ve got here is the Turbo speed, it’s the product that speeds your bow up 15-20 feet a second and uh we’re going to shoot the Turbo on the bow with a conventional cable slide first then from there we’re going to switch it over onto the roller system and uh we’re gonna see what the difference is in the results. (Demonstration) As you can see the speed is 260 feet a second. Alright what we’re gonna do from there is we’re gonna take the system, take off the conventional cable slide put the bow onto the roller system, take the same arrow and what we’re going to do is shoot it (inaudible) and there you’ve got 284 feet a second and the difference in speed.


For a more in depth look at these products and many more from the Madison show, go to our new products and video gallery located on bowhunting.com.

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