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Posted on 3/18/2010 | 2661 views

2010 Iowa Deer Classic Coverage: Part 2

Due to popular demand, we here at bowhunting.com put together a short video of the huge bucks at the 2010 Iowa Deer Classic. Don't forget to check out our new gear at bowhunting.com!

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Hi, it’s Todd & Justin here with bowhunting.com and we just got back from the Iowa deer classic, wow first year for both of us being there, I gotta tell you that if you like bucks, big bucks and seeing new products and meeting a bunch of good people, Iowa’s definitely got it going on. What did you think Justin - I thought it was probably the best consumer trade show that I’ve ever been too, we got a lot of great footage that were gonna show you so check it out.


Welcome to the 2010 Iowa Deer Classic. The greatest white tail show on earth.


Anytime Justin and I go to a show like that I feel like I’m a football scout or something; absolutely out there and looking for new products and see different things that are out there. One product that comes to my mind that I liked a lot was the new Trail Camera Mount, uh that I found -neat little mount that I’ll eventually do a little blog on it, we’re definitely gonna be selling those on our website this fall. Lightweight, no straps, no smell, easy to attach to most trail cameras so you’ll have to wait to read my blog as far as seeing that product goes but that was by far my top product that I thought…How bout you Justin?

You know what I think the best product that I looked at was while we were there was actually the Death Grip by Van Handle, I’ve been looking at these guys for a couple of years and I actually did pick up a handle while we were at the show so I’m gonna be doing a blog  and a video review as well as how to install this handle into your bow; ah the neat thing about this handle it swivels from side to side and actually eliminates torch when you shoot your bow. It looks like a really neat product and I’m excited to try it out.

The second that I’m definitely was most impressed with was the Elite bow. I’m definitely going to make the switch this year, I have Bow Tech right now, (inaudible) and bow tech I like my bow tech, but last year after dropping my bow out of my stand it kind of freaked me out but if something was wrong with that I would have had to go through the whole fiasco of trying to get another bow so I’m gonna basically this year have my Elite bow be my primary bow and my Bow Tech’s gonna be my backup bow. I’m gonna have two bows this fall. Justin, did you see any other products while you were at the show?

You know we did see a lot of other cool new products, be sure to check out our blog, we’re gonna be showing you all about them, we’re gonna actually do some video reviews on them as well uh but the last thing we want to leave you guys with is what everyone wants to see some of the monster bucks that we saw this year at the Iowa Deer Classic.


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