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Posted on 8/20/2010 | 4269 views

The Firenock Lighted Nock

Firenock lighted arrow nocks use a single small circut board and bright LED light to illuminate your arrow's flight path.  Great for seeing where your arrow impacts during low light bowhunting conditions.

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Hi, my name is Bob Welsh and I’m from Firenocks and today I’m gonna demonstrate how the firenock goes on and off and change the battery out.  This is exactly how you’re shooting it out of a bow (demonstration) its activated and it’s going to stay lit for 24 hours; to deactivate it all you do is hold it up (demonstration), that’s that.   This is the nock itself, it’s got replaceable nocks, pull it out replace it the batteries are fueled replaceable and that’s the nock all together. Its 24K gold, its waterproof, shock proof, and rattle proof. It operates off of BD - a spring as soon as it’s activated it goes on and stays lit. (Demonstration) That’s the firenock.



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3 Comments on "The Firenock Lighted Nock"

Re: The Firenock Lighted Nock

owesome nock would recomend it to any one.

Posted by bob on 1/26/2010 9:09:19 PM

Re: The Firenock Lighted Nock

simply the best lighhted nock on the market.

Posted by ben on 5/6/2010 12:50:00 PM

Re: The Firenock Lighted Nock

simply the best lighted on the planet earth

Posted by tom on 7/29/2010 8:17:03 PM

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