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Posted on 8/20/2010 | 8817 views

BowTech Destroyer 340 & 350 Bows

The new Destroyer 340 and Destroyer 350 bows from Bowtech archery may just be their most advanced bows yet.  With a unique binary cam system, super strong riser, and new FLX guard cable roller guard this bow truly is a technological marvel.

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Hi, my name is John Hernandez with BowTech Archery and uh this year we got the couple new models, same platform Destroyer 340 & Destroyer 350 uh just phenomenal bows. Three major new technologies that we’ve incorporated into the system, uh, the hardcore limb, this bow has a carbon core limb; we got E glass/S glass laminates on these.  One of the things that uh we did with this particular limb is just by default when you bend a limb you store energy on the surface area and what we’ve done is we’ve taken carbon being in the center and when the material is harder in the center you start storing energy throughout the center, its length and its width.  We’re able to take a very light efficient limb and create a lot of energy in that.  One of the other technologies that we have is the binary cam which we’ve done in our previous models, but with this we’ve incorporated a split bus system.  One of the things people do is when they look at this bow is they think it’s just a dual cam because we’ve put busses on the cam but what’s actually happening is when you are drawing this bow back there’s an axel right here that when you draw its actually letting cable out as its being taken up on the opposite end the same way our normal binary cam systems work. Third technology that’s in this is our flex guard technology, its phenomenal technology and essentially what it does is as you draw a bow with a conventional cable rod or roller guard system what happens is that your cable tensions go up, they apply a torch on your cable rod or your roller guard and it, that torch is transferred into your riser. What the flex guard does is that you draw the bow again the cable tensions go up but the torsion is being absorbed by this flex guard so tuning cable abilities go up phenomenally.  So that’s a new product that we have for this year, those three systems together make one of the bows that we have on the market today.

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