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Whitetail Institute Tall Tine Tubers .5 Acre 3lb
Annual that provides substantial tonnage for late season plots. It establishes early and once the foliage is eaten the bulbs provide an additional food source for late winter. The 3 lb container cover...
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Heartland Hi Pro Forage 4.5lbs Perennial
High protein forage brassicas and perennial clovers for bigger bucks, easy to plant & maintain, plant varieties selected for maximum survivability, works well in lots of conditions---tested all over t...
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Heartland Buck Buster Brassica 4.5lbs Annual
A blend of hybrid brassicas, forage rape, & turnips, can be sown by itself, added in small amounts to other mixes, or can be over seeded in existing plots, attracts and holds deer late into fall and w...
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Whitetail Institute Imperial BowStand 4lbs No Tillage
Excellent for partially shaded trails or secluded areas this Annual seed needs no tilling. This 4 lb bag will cover 4500 square feet.
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Whitetail Institute Imperial Secret Spot 4lbs
Highly attractive and nutrient rich; plot needs no tillage equipment to plant. Enough seed to plant a 2,500 sq. ft. food plot. Works great for logging roads, clearings, or any place that receives at l...
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Heartland Secret Weapon 6lbs Annual
Maximum fall attractant, designed for maximum fall food plot attraction during hunting season, works well in small strategic locations, late spring planting will attract and hold deer into early fall,...
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Tecomate Pounder Clover 1lb
Boost your plot with species proven to attract deer, inexpensive alternative with great results, convenient 1-Lb. tub, ideal companion to oats, can be added to existing plot, Specs: clover. Seed Ratin...
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