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Code Blue Deluxe Scent Drag
Super absorbent scent drag holds more scent and is the simplest, most effective way to lay down a potent scent trail. Features a heavy-duty detachable clip and can also be hung from a branch at your s...
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Price: $5.99
20 units available
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Code Blue Scent Shot Scent Wick Canister
Scent wick canister designed to keep air out and keep your lure fresh. There are two O rings on both ends of the slide out wick that make the reservoir air tight when stored or in use thus keeping the...
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Price: $10.99
8 units available
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Code Blue Scent Drag System Doe Estrous
Whitetail doe estrous is collected under a certified and numbered process, and is paired with a rugged, highly absorbent drag. Perfect for use during the rut.
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Price: $14.99
13 units available
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Code Blue Drop Time Scent Dispenser Battery Powered
Deliver a fresh shot of your favorite attractant without lifting a finger, battery powered with three different dispense settings or 20-minute intervals, flow scent out in either a stream or an atomiz...
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Price: $24.99
47 units available
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This electronic scent dispenser has two independent tanks in one compact, fully programmable unit. Each tank holds 2.5 ounces of your favorite scent and can be set to dispense multiple times every day...
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Price: $48.99
31 units available
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