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Flambeau Masters Series Boss Babe Doe Decoy
Decoy features two set of ears one to simulate an alert doe, one to simulate a submissive doe, rear legs to accept scent pads, front legs to accept the invisi-growl electronic deer call (not included)...
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Price: $113.99
14 units available
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Flambeau Grazing Doe Decoy
Brings bucks and does within bow range. Natural, life-like position projects relaxed atmosphere. Full bodied 53" L × 35" H Whitetail Doe. Quick and easy set up. All parts store inside the body for eas...
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Price: $118.99
60 units available
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Flambeau Master Series Buck Decoy
Realistic 120 class 8-point buck features twist locking leg system, limbs, head, and body all fit into body cavity for ease of transport, shoulder strap attached between chest and hind quarters to car...
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Price: $147.99
15 units available
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