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TenPoint Rep Crank for AcuDraw AcuDraw RH/LH Blk
Replacement handle only for the AcuDraw cocking system.
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Price: $24.00
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TenPoint Hand Crank and Holster Combo
Replacement crank for ACUdraw cocking mechanism for manual cranking comes with leather holster.
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Price: $29.00
11 units available
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TenPoint ACUrope Cocking Aid
Revolutionary, portable, retractable, convenient and best of all user friendly. Reduces the effort required to cock a crossbow by as much as 50%. With the new design of the rope cocking unit it has ma...
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Price: $59.00
13 units available
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Wicked Ridge ACUdraw 52 Black
A sleek integrated self retracting rope cocking system which reduces the draw weight by 50% of the bow weight while drawing the bow accurately. Lightweight design is affordable and easy to install whi...
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Price: $106.99
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TenPoint ACU Draw 50 Cocking Mechanism
Rope cocker is drawn into butt stock cutout for storage by heavy duty retraction spring after each use. Handles are secured by mini-magnets. Can be installed on any 2003 and later TenPoint stock.
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Price: $139.99
4 units available
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TenPoint ACU Draw Crank Cocking Mechanism
Crank operated rope cocking device is mounted to the butt of the stock and uses crank or portable screwdriver or drill to cock bow. Comes with belt holster for ACUdraw handle. Can be installed on an...
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Price: $239.00
5 units available
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