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Trophy Taker Buss Stop Cable Clamp
Cam action cable clamp, uses cam to lock and unlock cord clamp for easy removal.
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Price: $6.99
14 units available
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QAD Ultra-Rest Cable Clamp
Universal cable clamp with 12 inch timing cord.
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Price: $8.95
61 units available
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OMP Fall Away Rest Football Clip
Easy-to-attach Football Clip eliminating the need of serving. Designed to firmly secure rest-cord to downward cable. No bow press required.
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Price: $8.99
982 units available
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Specialty Archery Cable Ball Clamp Black
Ball clamp designed to work with fall/drop away rests. Simply attach the elevation string for your rest to the cable with the ball in the proper position so your rest rise's into the shooting position...
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Price: $11.99
15 units available
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Trophy Ridge Drop Zone Cord Clamp
Clamp that attaches the cord from your drop away rest to the cables.
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Price: $13.99
13 units available
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