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Cobra Buckhead
Cobra Buckhead The all new Buckhead series of bow sights from Cobra are available in Lost Camo, Realtree AP™ and Black. The Buckhead has a hooded guard and comes with a light. Available in a 3 pin, 5 pin or tool less model. Features: Unique reversible mounting brack...
By Bow Staff | Jan 26, 2012 | comment (1) | Read the full story
Trijicon SRS™ Reflex Sight
Trijicon SRS™ Reflex Sight Coming April of 2012 is the SRS™ Reflex Sight from Trijicon. This new sight will have a profile length that is short, but has a long list of great features. This reflex-type sight has a unique optical design and a body length of 3.75 inches, which elimina...
By Bow Staff | Jan 12, 2012 | Read the full story
Sword Sights Maximus
Sword Sights Maximus Features: 100% CNC T6061 aluminum construction Micro Adjust elevation and windage Tool-Less feature on windage and elevation adjustment 1.625" Inside diameter round aperture Accepts 1.75" diameter lens (Lens retainer ring and O-ring sold separately)...
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HHA Sports DS-FX5519
HHA Sports DS-FX5519 The all new DS-FX5519 from HHA Sports uses their legendary Optimizer Lite Ultra frame combined with the All New FX Series 5 pin sight head. Features: Weight 10 oz. 1 3/4” sight housing (5) .019 pins include 13” of fiber per pin...
By Bow Staff | Jan 11, 2012 | comment (1) | Read the full story
Black Gold Surge
Black Gold Surge Feel the Surge™ an all new premium bowsight from Black Gold. Nothing compares to Black Gold’s exclusive Inch Wheel Adjustment System, which is fast, easy and simple. This system is calibrated so one full turn equals approximately one inch at 20 yards. The...
By Bow Staff | Jan 9, 2012 | Read the full story
Black Gold Rush
Black Gold Rush The all new Rush from Black Gold gives you several great features and durability for around $100. PhotoChromatic Technology and innovative SkyCoil! Interchangeable fluorescent sight ring for quick and positive peep alignment even in low light. N...
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Archer Xtreme Titanium Xtreme Sight
Archer Xtreme Titanium Xtreme Sight The Titanium Xtreme Sight by Archer Xtreme is the world’s only titanium sight, making it both a stronger and lighter option. This sight is as strong as steel and twice as strong as aluminum, but is 45% lighter than steel. This sight is not easily corroded...
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IQ BowSight Retina Lock
IQ BowSight Retina Lock Most bowhunters are confident shooting at shorter rangers. But, get out to 40 yards or beyond and tey lack consistency. This is because of mis-alignment due to bow torque or inconsistent anchor. It doesn't take much. A 1/4" translates to a 10 inch miss at...
By Bow Staff | Jan 7, 2011 | Read the full story
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