THP Back Seat Bow Case

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  • THP Back Seat Bow CaseAttaches to the back of vehicle seat (bucket or console)
  • 2 heavy duty nylon straps that attach around the headrest and around the base of seat
  • Seat straps tuck away nicely into a sip up pocket when not in use
  • Double side zipper on the outside than can be locked with a small pad lock (not included)
  • Heavy duty velcro straps that can be attached to bow eliminating any movement
  • Quiver does not need to be removed to store bow
  • Long storage pocket for extra arrows or quiver
  • Large pocket for accessories (release aid, cover up scents & much more)
  • Plastic case for broadheads, field tips, nockes, inserts, and string wax
  • Easy to remove and install
  • Save a ton of space and seating
  • Does not have to be removed to access your bow or equipment

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