Camo FX Face Paint

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 For 2011 Camo FX is thrilled to announce several additions to their camouflage face paint line.  Ground Blind Black-Out, Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, Lost Camo and Realtree AP are all new face paint patterns for 2011. 

Camo FX Face Paint

 Camo FX is the industry’s first camouflage face coloring system engineered to fully camouflage your paint making you virtually invisible to game.  This patented system quickly applies a High Definition camouflage pattern evenly and accurately where needed.  It doesn’t dry or crack once applied and wipes off easily with a dry paper towel or cloth and is completely safe on skin.  Check out this video to learn more about Camo FX!

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2 Comments on "Camo FX Face Paint"

Re: Camo FX Face Paint

What do you think of Kuiu ? They have a new line of hunting gear.

Posted by chris on 3/23/2011 9:02:28 PM

Re: Camo FX Face Paint

does the smell of the camo fx face paint leave a smell that deer can smell cuz i dont need my hunt to be ruined cuz of it

Posted by tanner on 11/5/2011 4:33:12 AM

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