Mathews' Morgan and Schultz Win IBO Second Leg Classes

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The second leg of the IBO National Triple Crown was held June 14 - 16 in Fairview, Pennsylvania. The competitors are extremely focused and they want to make a move in the race for the National Championship. When the winners were announced, Levi Morgan and Todd Shultz captured the championship in their respective classes.

Levi Morgan

In the Senior Pro class, Todd Shultz captured his first win of the season by posting a score of 393-13. Tom Crowe finished in second place with a score of 392-13 and Scott
In the Pro Male Release class, Levi Morgan continued his winning way this week. Morgan turned in a score of 412-21 and captured his fourth win of the season. Second place went to Jeff Hopkins with a score of 410-24. Tommy Gomez finished in third place with a score of 410-18. Mathews finished with six of the top ten finishers in the class. The rest of the top ten included: Jack Wallace II, 410-14, 4th place; Joseph Goza, 403-18, 9th place and Darrin Christenberry, 401-9 in 10th place.

Price was third with a score of 390-10. Mathews finished with nine of the top ten finishers in the class. The rest of the top ten included: Joe Brooks, 389-13, 4th place; Tipton Cook, 387-14, 5th place; Duane Price, 387-12, 6th place; Lynn Morrison, 385-14, 7th place; Bart Larson, 385-14, 8th place and Ray Young, 383-12 in 10th place.

In the Pro Female class, the top Mathews finisher was Alicia McHenry. McHenry had a score of 387-9 and finished in second place. Third place went to Ginger Morehead with a score of 374-12. Mathews finished with eight of the top ten finishers in the class. The rest of the top ten included: Samantha Morgan, 374-9, 4th place; Amy Wenmoth, 359-11, 6th place; Connie Calloway, 358-8, 7th place; Tina Huntzinger, 385-3, 8th place; Kailey Johnston, 346-8, 9th place and Kelly Ward, 345-7 in 10th place.

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