Barnett Crossbows' New Ghost 400 Set to Blow Away Comptetion

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Barnett Crossbows has been producing some of the finest horizontal bolt slingers in the industry in recent years, and their new Ghost 400 seems to be their best of the best.

Boasting supernatural speed, power and accuracy, the Barnett Ghost 400 scares the daylights out of the competition.

Hunters will appreciate the Ghost 400 for its ultra-light handling and feather-light feel. Thanks to Carbon Riser Technology (CRT), the balance point is shifted away from the riser and back to the shoulder of the shooter. This allows for improved maneuverability and faster target acquisition.
The CROSSWIRE string and cable system blends Barnett's fibers with the industry's toughest serving materials, ensuring the shooter has the most stable and reliable string in the industry. As a result, shooters experience a faster, quieter and more precise shot. In addition, the crossbow comes with an Anti Dry Fire Trigger Safety System, making it even more reliable in all conditions. This Metal Injection Molded Trigger boasts a smooth 3.5 pull and contains the added safety precaution of the Anti Dry Fire feature, eliminating unintentional dry firing of your bow.

Barnett Ghost 400
The Ghost 400 is also equipped with custom composite limbs encapsulated with Barnett's Anti-Vibration Isolation technology. This process not only reduces noise levels 20 to 30 percent, but also protects the limbs from normal wear and tear, thus increasing the life of the limbs along with reducing cable and string wear.

The Ghost 400 is available through retailers as a complete package with the crossbow, a Barnett illuminated 3x32 multi-reticle scope or a premium red dot sight, a quick-detach quiver and three high-quality Easton 20" arrows. The Ghost 400 also allows for the integration of a crank-cocking device.


*Speed: 400 FPS

*Kinetic Energy: 151 ft. lbs.

*Draw Weight: 185 lbs.

*Power Stroke: 16.75"

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