Realtree Monster Bucks XIX Available NOW

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Realtree® Deer Hunting DVD Features Unbelievable Whitetail Footage

Realtree Monster Bucks XIX

Now available - Monster Bucks XIX, Volume 1 & 2 boast remarkable bow, muzzleloader and rifle hunts for giant whitetails.

Volume 1

With three hours of thrill-inducing big-buck footage, including 37 heart-pounding hunts, Realtree Monster Bucks XIX, Volume 1 leaves no doubt why it's a part of the most popular deer-hunting DVD series ever produced. Follow along with Bill Jordan and the rest of the Realtree gang as they travel to Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Montana, Illinois and Georgia in search of bruisers. Watch Cal Bergsma of Whitetail Properties take down an Illinois beast. Celebrate with David Blanton, Chris Keefer and Lee Lakosky as they claim some of their biggest bucks yet, and observe how NASCAR's Dale Earnhardt Jr. uses the same precision on his hunt as he does on the track.

monster bucks dvd cover vol 1

Volume 2

Join along on 37 hunts totaling three hours of nonstop whitetail action from the best big-buck spots in North America. Watch as Whitetail Properties' Gabe Aidair takes on his monster with a bow. Tiffany Lakosky, Tyler Jordan and Mike McFerrin bag the type of bruisers that have made the Monster Bucks series a huge hit among whitetail enthusiasts. And, the Bone Collectors, Don and Kandi Kisky and many others do what they do best, making this one of the most action-packed and exciting volumes yet.

monster bucks dvd vol 2

Sit back and enjoy. You've just thought you've seen big bucks before. Trust us, you ain't seen nothin' until you've watched Monster Bucks XIX, Vol. 1 & 2.

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