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With each passing year we often wonder how bow manufacturers are going to improve on their already impressive lines of bows and archery accessories. Just when it seems things can't get any better we get new bows that are faster, quieter, and more vibration free than their predecessors. 2010 is no exception to that. Below we have assembled the ultimate list of 2010 bows including the already popular Mathews Z7, Bowtech Destroyer, Hoyt Carbon Matrix, Elite Judge, and many more. We hope you enjoy it!


Nitrous N20, Assault and Eclipse G2:
Alpine came out with a version of the latest trends in limb technology, calling it the LXP for Lateral eXtreme Pocket. The primary job of this new pocket system is to move the limbs forward – away from the archer to produce the desired goals of a moderate brace height with parallel limbs and a neutral riser, and do it without compromising reliability.

Alpine’s Velocitec is a hybrid cam with outward-moving grooves on the take-up tracks of the cams. They move the harnesses away from the center of the limb as you draw the bow. The cams take up the harnesses on both sides of the string to help balance the draw force equally across the limb tip to reduce cam lean, but then this system takes that goal a step farther by employing angled grooves that move the harnesses to the side during the draw for even greater stability.

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Re: New Bows For 2010

I have had bow hunted for 15 years or so. And i have used lots of types of bows. And the Alpine Silverado Assault is by far the smoothest bow that i have ever owned! And at an ibo speed of 328 feet per second! great job! T.G.

Posted by timber_ghost on 9/23/2010 8:37:28 PM

Re: New Bows For 2010

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