Limbsaver Proton

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The Proton's forgiving rock-solid straight riser design offers pinnacle performance that is lightweight and will outshoot any other bow on the market. The pocketless design is streamlined to give you maximum performance with minimum weight. The Proton culminates in quiet, perfectly-balanced, smooth vibration-free performance with a rugged design that is easy to tune and incredible to shoot. it also propels arrow sup to 330-335 fps and weights in at only 4lbs bare.

  • Innovative Pos-Lock limb system allows limb poundage adjustents in precise increments with no change to draw length, brace height or loss of tuning at any poundage setting
  • 3-Phase H.E.A.T. Cam Technology
  • New laminated limb sets
  • New hardwood grip design that will help to eliminate virtually all torque for consistent shooting

Limbsaver Proton

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