Fish Point with Replaceable Tip Trick

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For those of you who use a fish point with a replaceable tip such as the Muzzy fish point, Shure Shot Penatrator or the Cajun Piranha head and if after a good day’s fishing the point tends to work itself loose, try this little trick.  Make a few wraps of Teflon plumbers tape around the threads of the point in the same direction that the point will be screwed on.  It really holds the point securely but it can be removed when you want. This also works well for the main body of the Shure Shot fish head as well. 

Teflon fish point (Custom).JPG

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2 Comments on "Fish Point with Replaceable Tip Trick"

Re: Fish Point with Replaceable Tip Trick

do u have to have ur license to bowfish?

Posted by kylem on 9/15/2010 1:25:25 PM

Re: Fish Point with Replaceable Tip Trick

if your 16 and older yes.but if your younger than 16,then no.same laws as regular fishing.hope this helps!

Posted by kevin on 3/14/2011 1:13:22 PM

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