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GamePlan SnapShotDesigned as an updated version of the wildly-popular GamePlan BowStrap, the new for 2011 SnapShot provides a comfortable sling with an ultra-quick and innovative connection to the bow.

GamePlan's simple "key-hole" clip allows a user to take the carrying strap off of their bow, in literally seconds. By sliding the clip over a rubber post - the comfortable strap can attach to the bow with a re-assuring snap fit. An over-molded rubber strap system is designed to kee from harming a bow's finish and the soft, pivoting connection is as deadly quiet for close-quarters hunting situations. The SnapShot can stretch to accommodate any riser desgn, will dampen vibration, and properly carries your bowsight upright and out of the brush.

  • Low-durometer / high stretch strap adds dampening while on your bow
  • Innovative over-molding technique adds a rigid post to the inner-core of the rubber strap, adding a level of rigidity for easy and positive locking on the nylon clip of the rubber post
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