New Archery Products Deep Six Broadheads

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New Archery Products has teamed up with Easton Archery to produce a brand new line of Deep Six compatible broadheads. This new standard in arrow components has been designed and optimized specifically for new micro O.D. arrows such as the Easton Injexion to promote increased accuracy and penetration.


  • Slimmer "Boat Tail" Ferrule Design
    The slimmer ferrule design offers a more precise fit for Micro O.D. arrows. The Broadhead ferrule is 40% larger than arrow shaft, creating a larger wound channel. Also the decreased wind planning helps to increase down-range accuracy. These broadheads have increased penetration over standard broadheads by decreasing friction and clamping pressure.

  • Additional Threads & Tighter Tolerances
    The increased thread engagement creates a more precise broadhead to arrow alignment and the tighter machining tolerances decreases broadhead wobble and has a more accurate flight. This also decreases the likelihood for the broadhead to come loose.

Compatible Easton Arrows:

  • Carbon Injexion
  • A/C Injexion
  • Axis
  • Full Metal Jacket
  • Beman Bone Collector

View Easton Carbon Injexion & A/C Injexion Arrows 

New Archery Products Deep Six Broadheads

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