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Trophy Taker Xtreme FC Pro

Trophy Taker Xtreme FC Pro-Trophy Taker’s X-Treme FC Pro and Pronghorn Pro are similar to the Smackdown line except for the fact that they are operated by the down cable. All Trophy Taker products come with a “no questions asked” lifetime warranty. The Trophy Taker Pronghorn arrow rest is an excellent choice for hunters that want a quality rest but also value simplicity.

G2 Outdoor Products G2 Xtreme Brassica

G2 Outdoor Products, G2 Xtreme Brassica- A straightforward product for someone looking to add variety to their food plot is planting brassicas. G2 Xtreme Brassica is a mix of dwarf essex rape, purple top turnip, walken winter oats, wakefield rape, and keeper kale. It comes in a 4 lb. bucket that enables planting up to ½ acre; the bucket design is also great for carrying to small remote plots. Brassicas are very easy to grow and are capable of withstanding heavy grazing. This product is great for late season once the sugar content rises from a frost, instantly sweetening them to aid in keeping whitetails on your property during the long winter months. This product aims to increase the health of your whitetails through maximizing protein and nutrition.

Heartland Wildlife Institute Buck Buster Extreme

Heartland Wildlife Institute, Buck Buster Extreme-It’s always great getting to talk to people who are passionate and stand behind their product. The Buck Buster Extreme food plot seed is a late summer/early fall annual food plot that should be planted around 60 days before the first killing frost in your area. The 25 pound bag mix is comprised of forage oats, winter rye, forage soybeans, and a brassica blend of forage rape and large bulb turnip, making this an excellent source for fall and winter energy and nutrition. One of the benefits that attracted me to this food plot seed mix is the turnips. Once the ground freezes in the winter, the turnips sweeten up and deer can’t resist digging them out of the ground to enjoy them. On top of all these benefits, the mix is overgrazing tolerant, so you don’t
have to worry about deer browsing on a daily basis.

Rage Chisel-Tip Xtreme
Also new from Rage is a 2.3” plus cutting diameter slip cam broadhead, with a bone crushing chisel tip. The two .035 stainless steel blades are razor sharp and have an increased blade angle for helping maintain kinetic energy for deeper penetration. It also offers the Shock Collar blade retention system, keeping the blades from opening during transport or flight. It will be offered to hunters in a 100 grain head for standard inserts. Rage does not recommend use for draw weights under 55 pounds. They are said to be sold in packs of 3 with a practice head included.
New Bow Sights For 2013

This cutting-edge moveable sight has an innovative EDG (elevation drive gear) system that offers smooth and precise yardage adjustments.  With today's faster bows and stronger arrows, many bowhunters are extending their effective shooting range.  This sight will aid you in that quest with its 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments, larger sight picture for maximum field of view, and has single or 4-pin models at .019 inch.  It also has micro-elevation and horizontal adjustments.  This sight is packed with features, such as Center Core Pin stainless steel tube pins for strength and protection.  This sight will not let you down and is worth a second look.

Archer Extreme (AXT) Titanium Extreme
Pushing the envelope of sight design as well as materials used, Archer Extreme unleashes what is possible the lightest sight on the market. The Titanium XT is light as a feather, tough as nails, and packed with ground-breaking features. Starting with the new TBR Titanium Bracket Ridge system, the XT carries a super thin sight bracket (more closely resembling a knife blade), yet remains remarkably strong. Sporting a new HV Fiber Ring Guard, shooters can more easily align the peep sight with the sight housing; especially in low-light conditions. With the addition of A Fiber Harness bracket system, maximum light is allowed to reach each fiber optic pin. The XT is also versatile; offering a right and left reversing bracket, and machined bubble-level holes on the top and bottom of the sight.
Rage Booth

New from Rage for 2012 is an "Xtreme" broadhead with a 2.3 inch cutting diameter. 

Xtreme Hardcore Gear V-Twin Capture Arrow Rest

WIth all the different varieties of arrows and cam systems in the bow market today, it can be difficult to find the right combination for perfect flight. Xtreme Hardcore Gear has helped fix that problem with the V-Twin Capture arrow rest, which is part of its all-new line-up for 2012. The rest allows you to adjust spring tension on each Teflon launcher for custom tuning of each side. Combined with a rubber mounted top-capture, you’ll have one of the most adjustable full-containment rests you can find anywhere. The rest is very durable and quiet, as it features a machined aluminum body. MSRP: $89.95

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