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Whitetail Institute of North America Imperial PowerPlant

Whitetail Institute of North America, Imperial PowerPlant- Imperial PowerPlant is a great spring and summer annual mix comprised of vining soybeans, climbing forage peas, lablab, sunflowers, and sorghum. The mix in PowerPlant helps reduce overgrazing by utilizing high-protein annuals that can better withstand early grazing. This product also provides attractive bedding areas due to the taller forage plants that can reach a height of 6 feet. In addition to the spring and summer benefits, it also continues to provide nutritional benefits all the way through the fall.

RACK ONE Whitetail System Overload

RACK ONE Whitetail System, Overload- Replenishing a whitetail’s body before the winter is essential for its winter survival and production of healthy offspring in the spring. Overload aims at just that and more. It comes in a 25 lb. bag, and the mixture is high in protein, fat, and fiber, perfect for packing on required weight during the long winter months. Bucks as well as does benefit from the product. Does need additional nutrition to keep their bodies healthy, as well as to provide nutrition for their growing offspring that will be born in the spring. Having healthier deer in the winter means having healthier deer going into the antler making and fawning period; both are beneficial for anyone looking to assist their deer herd.

Flambeau Masters Deer Decoy

Nothing improves your chances of making the shot like getting that buck within range. With the new Flambeau Masters Deer Decoy with Flocked Technology you can not only bring bucks in for the shot, but you can position them to meet your needs. This new decoy slings over the shoulder for easy transport and the rear leg accepts MAD's MD-519 Invisi-Growl electronic deer call. The Flocked technology gives the decoy a fur like texture and appearance and also reduces noise during transport and setup; all important factors when moving in and setting up on a mature whitetail.

Long Tines Buck - Illinois trail camera photo

This long tined buck showed up out of the blue in late October to work some scrapes.  It's nice when these "bonus" bucks show up on camera during the rut!  Photo captured by the Stealth Cam Archer's Choice digital trail camera.


Todd Graf's good friend and hunting partner Mike, harvested this awesome 220+ inch Illinois whitetail on November 5, 2011 with his Mathews eZ7.  Stay tuned to over the next several weeks for the full story about Sweetness along with several years worth of trail camera photos, shed antlers and several on-camera encounters during the 2010 season.

Russell, MB
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