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Rivers Edge Platinum
Not many ladder stands offer the kind of room bowhunters need to draw a bow and maneuver from one side of the tree to the other if necessary. The Platinum is an exception. The platform, which stands 19 feet, 4 inches above the ground when set up, measures 20 inches wide by 39 inches long. The angle of the armchair-style seat can be adjusted to suit your sitting style. And it folds up out of the way, when it’s time to stand up and shoot. The welded, tubular steel Platinum weighs 97 pounds. It’s epoxy-coated before final painting, making the stand impervious to rust.
Summit Mini-Viper
The Mini-Viper makes its return to Summit’s lineup for 2013 in an effort to provide a climbing tree stand for young hunters. Measuring 24 inches long, the platform is 4 inches shorter than the standard Viper climber. It’s also 2 pounds lighter. The smaller, lighter stand is perfect for teens just getting in to bowhunting, so they don’t have to lug Dad’s full-sized stand into the woods. The Mini-Viper is a closed-front stand that features Summit’s sound-deadening technology in both stand sections. It has a padded, hanging seat with backrest, for all-day comfort; boot stirrups for climbing; and coated steel climbing cables.
Leverage Outcast
This is a ladder stand for bowhunters who want to be mobile, but who don’t like hunting from climbing or hang-on stands. The Outcast measures 18 feet to the seat, with telescoping ladder sections. Folded up, you can carry the 47-pound stand in and out of the woods on your back for every hunt. The Outcast features stability arms that grip the sides of a tree when you set it up. Just criss-cross the straps behind the tree and anchor them at ground level, and the arms will hold the stand in place. Outcast’s platform measures 21.25 inches wide by 27.75 inches long.
Millennium L110
For bowhunters who like to climb high in a ladder stand, the Millennium L110 takes you 21 feet into a tree. The 92-pound, steel stand, rated for hunters up to 300 pounds, features a double-rail ladder, topped by a platform measuring 20 inches wide by 38 inches long – plenty of room for a bowhunter. Millennium’s signature webbed seat with backrest is built in for your comfort. It measures 20 inches wide by 17 inches deep by 17 inches high. New for this year, the seat folds up against the tree to give bowhunters even more room to maneuver on the platform.
Ol' Man Drone
One of the challenges of climbing tree stands is figuring out at ground level how to adjust the stand so that it’s level by the time you reach your climbing height. With the Drone, all you have to do is get close. Both the platform and the seat sections feature Ol’ Man’s Hex-Drive technology. That means each has a tube you can turn with one hand to raise or lower the sections until they’re level. Stops are built in so you can’t completely disconnect the stand sections from the tree. The Drone weighs 22 pounds, featuring a platform 18 inches wide by 32 inches long. The upper section has a mesh sling seat.
Direct Outdoors Basic
This is the stand for bowhunters who don’t want any frills in their hang-on stands, but they want performance. The Basic is a steel stand, with a 24-inch-wide by 29.5-inch-long platform that weighs 22 pounds. The flip-up seat is 14 inches wide by 8 inches deep, and it comes with a solid foam pad. For stability, the Basic comes with two ratchet straps to attach the stand to the tree. One secures the top of the stand, and the other attaches to the bottom. When it’s locked in, there should be no movement in this stand.
Hurricane PowerLOK
You wouldn’t climb into your stand without a safety harness. Well now your stand can have its own safety belt. The Hurricane PowerLOK is an adjustable chain that removes any doubt about whether or not the nylon strap that holds your stand on the tree is strong enough or can survive the elements. The PowerLOK fits on any hanging stand, and can be secured in placed via cordless drill fitted with a socket tip or with a standard socket wrench. Locking your stand with a PowerLOK eliminates the possibility of stand slip and cuts down on squeaks and ticks that can send deer the other way.
Big Game Phoenix
The Phoenix is a hang-on stand that solves the problem of crooked trees. The platform has five channel adjustments that allow for 20 degrees of travel to get it level. The seat adjusts with the turn of a knob, and has 50 degrees of travel. It’s a steel stand, with a wide-mouth, grated platform measuring 20 inches wide by 27 inches deep, that’s rated to hold 300 pounds. The stand itself weighs in at 20 pounds. The flip-up seat is 14 inches wide by 8 inches deep. For attaching the stand to a tree, each Phoenix comes with two straps – one ratchet and one cam-buckle.
API Marksman
API’s name certainly isn’t new in the world of climbing tree stands. For this year, the company is going light, with the Marksman. Weighing in at 16 pounds, this aluminum climbing stand, with a weight capacity of 300 pounds, will be easy to haul on your back for miles. The platform is 20 inches wide by 27 inches deep. The seat on this closed-front stand is a hanging nylon net. Both the seat and platform sections can be leveled with the turn of a knob that does not require climbing down to the ground.
Ameristep Non-Typical Revenge
The Revenge is a hang-on stand with lots of bells and whistles. It’s got both aluminum and steel components for strength without the weight. Revenge features a large, Durasling seat with a built-in back, so you don’t have to lean against the tree. The seat pan flips out of the way for maximum room on the platform when standing. The stand weighs 20 pounds and has a platform measuring 23 inches wide by 33.75 inches long. It’s rated for 300 pounds. Rubber bumpers on all moving parts prevent noise by eliminating metal-to metal contacts.
HSS Lost

A large percentage of bowhunting occurs from a tree stand. Making the shot not only requires quality gear and proper shooting technique, but it also must be done safely. Fall restraints are imperative, but some interfere with making a clean shot, but not this one. The Hunter Safety System’s new Ultralite Lost harness is the result of collaboration with Matthews Bows and is available exclusively in Lost Camo pattern. It provides the safety hunters have come to expect from HSS, but is light weight and designed with fewer buckles and other features that can snag a bowstring. The fabric is durable, yet quiet and comfortable.

Lone Wolf Climber
The new flip-top climber from Lone Wolf was a big hit. The new seat design allows you to flip the seat up and out of the way while you are standing for added comfort.
Leverage Treestand
New cast aluminum treestand from Leverage.
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