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QAD - Ultrarest HDX

QAD - Ultrarest HDX -“For the archer who demands the best,” QAD has developed the Ultrarest HDX. From the popular Ultrarest HD, they have slimmed down the design, made the vertical adjustment more versatile for newer bows and redesigned the thumbwheel by inserting the, “Timing Cord Lock.” The cool part about the HDX is that QAD has designed custom models to fit specific bows. The Ultrarest HDX comes in Black, Mathew’s Lost Camo, Realtree, Mossy Oak, Red, Pink, Blue and Green.

QAD Exodus
Expanding on the Exodus Line of fixed blade broadheads, a 125 grain version is now being offered for both Crossbow shooters as well as compounds. The Exodus broadhead has two different designs, Full and Swift. The Full design’s blades extend over the arrow shaft. The Swift design’s blades also extend over the arrow shaft, but not tight on it like the Full. This unique design aids in better arrow flight and uncompromising strength. Quality Archery Designs offer the Exodus broadhead in 85, 100, and now 125 grain models in both full and swept blade designs and all have a 1 ¼ cutting diameter made of all stainless steel. They are sold in packs of 3.
Quality Archery Designs Ultrarest HDX Arrow Rest
The second-to-none quality and reliability of the original Ultra-Rest is incorporated into the Ultra-Rest HDX for 2012. The HDX has been updated with a couple of new features for 2012 including a sleek and slightly curved capture bar as well as a redesigned vertical adjustment. The rest can be cocked manually or simply by drawing the bow. The HDX is now available in a variety of colors to match every bow on the market and a couple of different camouflages including Lost Camo to match Mathews Bows. MSRP $154.95
Exodus Broadhead
New Exodus broadhead from QAD.
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