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Primos Ultra 46
Primos entered into the trail camera market several years ago and have been expanding ever since. The Primos Truth Cam Ultra 46 is new for 2013 and has several great features. It has a 45 degree PIR sensor to aid in early detection so when your game comes in front of the camera, you are actually taking pictures of something. It features 7 megapixel photo resolution and it has up to 55 feet of night range with the use of their IR leds covered by a camo filter. It has photo, video with audio modes, as well as an HD Time Lapse mode. The camera runs on 8 “AA” battieries for up to 9 months of battery life.
Primos The Truth Rangefinder

Making the shot for bowhunters obviously requires knowing the distance to the target. Take the guesswork out of this task by using Bushnell’s “The Truth” laser rangefinder. This precision rangefinder is a collaboration of Bushnell Outdoor Products and Team Primos. The Truth laser rangefinder will acquire targets out to 850 yards, but also features a bow mode which finds targets from 5 to 199 yards with an accuracy of +/- one yard. A special feature of the bow mode is Angle Range Compensation which helps bowhunters know the correct distance even when shooting from an elevated position.

Primos Blood Hunter

Primos Blood Hunter-The filter on this unique
accessory has been reworked to allow a much broader beam of light increasing the chances of finding blood.  It should be noted that this is not TV CSI technologies where chemicals literally make blood glow, but this filtering system causes the blood to contrast brightly
against surrounding foliage and gives it an aura of glowing.  The device fits in a belt holster and has an
ergonomically feel in your hand. 

Primos Control Freak

The new Control Freak line of scent eliminating sprays with silver technology from Primos.

2011 ATA Show
This pivoting trail camera mount from Primos mounts directly onto a t-style fencepost and works great with their new Super Model trail cameras.
Cheyenne, WY
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