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New Archery Products Apache Carbon

How much can you improve a product that is arguably one of the best on the market? Well, New Archery Products is trying to do just that after the successes of the original Apache and the Apache Micro rests. The new Apache Carbon takes center stage. A product that has the full containment and popular features of it predecessors. The difference is a dramatic weight reduction due to the shift in materials from machined aluminum to carbon fiber, as well as a new, side-loading slot to make loading the arrow onto the rest quicker and easier. So, the Apache name is back and better than ever. The Apache Carbon is available in black and right-handed model only. MSRP: $119.99

NAP Killzone Broadhead

For its expandable-broadhead line, NAP unveils the KillZone, a rear-deploying two-blade broadhead with a 2-inch cutting diameter. Both blades open and work in unison to provide maximum penetration and prevent single-blade deployment or deflections.

The KillZone’s blades are strategically placed farther back from the tip, allowing both blades to fully deploy and anchor against the back of the ferrule, delivering extreme entrance and exit holes with enhanced penetration and durability.

The KillZone also features NAP’s Diamized blade technology, making it one of the industry’s sharpest blades. It’s available in three models: 100-grain Cut-On-Contact tip, Trophy Tip, or Deep Six. To learn more about the KillZone and other NAP products, call (800) 323-1279, or visit

New Archery Products ArmorRest Arrow Rest

One of the most recognizable names in the industry, New Archery Products, is back for 2012 in a big way. The company has released its newest drop-away arrow rest, the Armorrest, which will hold your arrow no matter the shot angle, even upside down. Worrying about fletching clearance will be a thing of the past, no matter what type of vane or feather you desire on your arrow. And while it weighs in at only five ounces, the titanium arms add unmatched strength. The Armorrest is available in black for right-handed shooters only. MSRP $139.99

NAP KillZone Maxx
Another expansion off the Killzone mechanical head line is the Killzone MAXX. This head was slightly redesigned to accommodate longer deploying blades. With the cut-on-contact tip and larger 2 3/8” cutting diameter, this head is sure to leave a massive wound channel on your targeted game species. The head again is offered in a 100 grain model and is recommended for those who pull 60 pound draw weights or greater. They come in packs of 3 with a free practice head.
Today I notice a lot more females and youth getting involved in bow hunting. Many companies, such as New Archery Products, are taking note of that trend and in turn have designed the new Low KE (low Kinetic Energy) head for those who are unable to shoot the longer draw lengths, or higher draw weights, that help us gain that much needed energy to put an animal down ethically. The Killzone was very popular this past season, using the spring clip retention system, ensuring that the blades remain closed during flight and open only on impact. The Killzone Low KE is offered as a 100 grain head with 1 ¾” cutting diameter, upon blade deployment, and is offered with the cut-on-contact tip. They come in packs of 3 with a free practice head.
NAP KillZone Maxx

Mechanical broadheads are used by a large number of today’s bowhunters. Achieving accuracy is much easier with mechanical broadheads than with fixed blade broadheads. New Archery Product’s new Killzone line gives archers everything they need in a hunting head. Killzone broadheads have rear-deploying blades and offer field point accuracy. They are strong and dependable and offer large wound channels. The Killzone Maxx has a 2 3/8-inch cutting diameter while the Killzone Low KE features a 1 3/4-inch cutting diameter. Both incorporate a two-blade design. The Low KE is perfect for shooters using lower poundage bows.

NAP Deep Six Broadheads

Working in conjunction with Easton, NAP has developed a line of Deep Six compatible broadheads.  These new heads are compatible with all Easton products which use the new Deep Six insert components.  The new “boat tail” ferrule design, and an increased amount of thread content offers more precise broadhead to arrow alignment for increased down range accuracy.  NAP produces five Deep Six broadheads including the Killzone, Bloodrunner, Spitfire Maxx, Thunderhead Razor and the bone-crunching Big Nasty.

NAP Killzone Broadhead

The brand new Killzone broadhead from NAP.  No o-rings, no problem!  2 inch cut without worrying about your blades popping open in flight or in your quiver.


The new Killzone.  The best 2 blade mechincal broadhead ever built?  You decide!

Working the Floor

The NAP booth was hopping all three days thanks to the buzz surrounding the new Killzone broadhead.

NAP Signage

NAP's new signage features all of their new products for 2012.  Some of the best in the industry!

NAP Deep Six Broadheads
The new Deep Six family of broadheads from NAP are made to work specifically with Easton Deep Six inserts for the ultimate in broadhead-to-arrow alignment and penetration.
NAP Killzone
The new NAP Killzone broadhead features a 2 inch cutting diameter and a unique design that doesn't use spring clips to keep the head closed in flight.
NAP Apache Stabilzer
Apache stabilizer from NAP.
2011 ATA Show
Lee & Tiffany Lakosky posing for photos at the NAP booth.
Cheyenne, WY
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