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SMITHWORKS COMFORTQUEST 4x4 – Here’s a blind choice for those who might want to leave their blind in the woods, rather than carry it in and out on each hunt. The ComfortQuest 4x4 features a powder-coated aluminum frame that can be staked to the ground, or you can elevate it on a platform. It’s covered with a water-resistant polyester fabric. There are windows on all sides for shooting. They are covered by see-through, camouflage material held in place by magnets for silent removal. The blind comes with a carry bag for transport, and the blind and frame combined weigh 32 pounds.
X-STAND X-BLIND – An external support frame allows the X-Blind to be set up in just a few seconds. This is a blind that provides a lot of room inside, measuring 79 inches long, by 51 inches wide, by 75 inches tall, so there’s plenty of room for the bowhunter who wants to shoot while standing. Generous vertical windows on all sides are perfectly suited for shooting a bow from inside, while either seated or standing. Those windows are covered by magnetic camouflage, so you can put them up or down in total silence. X-Blind comes with its own carrying bag.
BROWNING PHANTOM PC – Browning is new to the hunting blind market in 2013. Its Phantom PC is made of a polyester-cotton fabric that is quieter and less shiny than other materials. The blind measures 59 inches wide, by 59 inches deep by 70 inches high. It weighs 19 pounds, and comes with a custom carry bag. There are two large, rectangular windows on two sides of the blind, for 180 degrees of unobstructed viewing and shooting. The two other sides of the blind have smaller windows for viewing and shooting. The windows are covered by a shoot-through mesh. The skeleton is made of flexible fiberglass poles that fit in aluminum hubs.
BROWNING POWERHOUSE – For bowhunters who like a blind, but don’t like shooting from a chair, the Powerhouse is made for you. It’s 59 inches wide by 59 inches deep by 82 inches tall – big enough for a six-foot-tall bowhunter to stand up in. it comes with a center support pole that you can put in when you leave to keep snow or falling tree limbs from collapsing the blind. When you show up to hunt, take out the pole for unobstructed movement inside. Mesh-covered windows are found on all sides of the blind. You can shoot through the mesh, or take it out. The exterior is covered with loops so you can “brush in” the blind wherever you plant it.
NELAN & WONG 3N SWAT – The NW268SW is a collapsible blind measuring 68 inches wide, by 68 inches deep by 80 inches tall – so it’s big enough for a 6-foot-tall bowhunter to stand up in to shoot. There are generous windows on all four sides that can be opened silently for shooting by sliding pinch clips on connecting strings – no Velcro, snaps or buckles. The blind shell features SmartSilver, which means silver is part of the construction in order to reduce human odor. Also, the shell features REVCON camouflage. It’s camouflaged in normal light, so it blends in with its surroundings, and in low light, the outer shell glows to human eyes, so you can easily find it in the dark.
NATURE BLIND TREEBLIND – Want to blend in with your surroundings? The TreeBlind looks and feels like the trunk of a tree. And, in fact, it’s molded from one. Made of polyurethane, this is blind you take to a food plot or some other permanent location and leave it. It weighs 325 pounds, stands 88 inches tall outside with a 78-inch diameter. Inside, it offers a 67-inch diameter and 78 inches of headroom. There are six windows for 360-degree viewing. Those windows have magnetic covers, in case you want to close off one side. The floor is carpeted for complete silence, and insulation will keep you cool in the heat and warm when it’s cold.
BIG GAME CHARGER – The Charger is a hub-style blind for bowhunters who like to dress in black and don’t want to get caught moving in a window. Featuring shooting windows on just two sides, the rest of Charger’s interior is blacked out, so hunters can disappear. Triangle and rectangle windows provided, which can be covered with shoot-through mesh, or you can silently pull them down with one hand by releasing hooks. The blind measures 66 inches across by 66 inches deep by 64 inches tall. It weighs 11 pounds, and includes nine stakes and four tie-down ropes. Carry bag with backpack straps also included.
BARRONETT BIG MIKE XT – The Big Mike XT is Barronett’s tallest ground blind. It’s 62 inches wide, by 62 inches deep by 84 inches tall – big enough for a 7-foot hunter to shoot while standing. Its frame is built on a five-hub design for easy set up and take down. Windows on all sides are covered with shoot-through mesh that also can be pulled down if you don’t want to shoot through them. The exterior is covered with loops so you can brush in the blind to match any environment. Tie-down ropes and ground stakes are included.
BARRONETT GROUNDER 350 – This blind is built to provide lots of interior room for extra people and/or extra gear. Its 70 inches wide by 70 inches deep by 80 inches tall. Weighing 19 pounds, the Grounder 350 has room for three people. The five-hub frame allows the blind to set up with an easy pop of the hubs. The interior is all black for added concealment. A ground skirt completely wraps around the blind to keep wind out and human scent inside. Windows are covered with shoot-through mesh that also can be removed. Tie-down ropes and stakes included.
AMERISTEP LIGHTSPEED EDGE – The Lightspeed Edge has a single-hub frame, which means you find the hub, hold it up and the pull the drawstring to lock the bottom and top together. Unfold the legs and make sure the poles are fully extended. Clip the fabric to the exterior poles, and you’re ready to hunt. The blind measures 54 inches wide by 67 inches tall at the front, where generous, mesh-covered windows provide ample room for shooting a bow. You can pull down the Velcro-attached mesh windows to suit your needs. Overall, the blind measures 84 inches wide by 98 inches deep, which means there’s plenty of room for a cameraman or for gear storage. The Edge weighs 12 pounds.
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