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G5 Halo Full Containment Arrow Rest

G5 Halo Full Containment Arrow Rest-With the ever-changing arrow in mind, G5 has developed an arrow rest that can quickly and easily be made to fit each individual arrow size without upsetting the center shot of the rest. The rest features independent, adjustable launcher arms to fit any size arrow shaft (including micro diameter arrows like the Easton Injexion). The rest is a full containment model with three forward flexing rest prongs to promote forgiveness and accuracy. This rest is also ambidextrous.

G5 Havoc

New for 2012, G5 adds the Havoc two-blade expandable broadhead to its line of quality-engineered broadheads. The Havoc is G5 Outdoors’ first mechanical head to use Swiss steel Lutz blades, which makes it one of the sharpest blades released in the broadhead market.

The Havoc also features G5’s new Posi-Lock blade-retention engineering for a no O-ring, no rubber-band and no-hassle system. Further, its balanced blade-deployment system deploys both blades simultaneously, ensuring bigger, more consistent entrance holes. A new blade cartridge system, which inflicts a 2-inch cutting diameter, allows users to change blades quickly and easily.

The Havoc is available in 100- and 125-grain models and comes with a practice broadhead.

G5 Havoc Quiver

The new G5 Head-Loc Quiver quietly, safely and securely stores your arrows during the hunt and in transit.

G5 Havoc Broadhead
A new 2" expandable broadhead from G5.
G5 Havoc Specs
The specs on the all new G5 Havoc broadhead.
G5 Head-Loc Quiver
The new Head-Loc quiver from G5 is light weight, adjustable and easy to use.
G5 Prime Cam System
G5 Prime cam system
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