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AMERISTEP LIGHTSPEED EDGE – The Lightspeed Edge has a single-hub frame, which means you find the hub, hold it up and the pull the drawstring to lock the bottom and top together. Unfold the legs and make sure the poles are fully extended. Clip the fabric to the exterior poles, and you’re ready to hunt. The blind measures 54 inches wide by 67 inches tall at the front, where generous, mesh-covered windows provide ample room for shooting a bow. You can pull down the Velcro-attached mesh windows to suit your needs. Overall, the blind measures 84 inches wide by 98 inches deep, which means there’s plenty of room for a cameraman or for gear storage. The Edge weighs 12 pounds.
Trophy Taker Ulmer Edge
This field point accurate mechanical broadhead that was introduced last year from Trophy Taker has added a 100 grain 1 ½ “ cutting diameter and 125 grain 2” cutting diameter for the Deep Six Inserts. The Ulmer’s Edge is made from a single piece chisel tip steel ferrule with two rear deploying blades that open together as one upon impact and can pivot around bone. The blades also have been sharpened on the rear edges for added cutting, in case there isn’t a pass through. The band blade retention system prevents the blades from opening prematurely; and the head can be locked into practice mode, keeping the blades from opening while practicing. This allows you to shoot without damaging targets or dulling the blades. They are sold in packs of three.
Rivers Edge Platinum
Not many ladder stands offer the kind of room bowhunters need to draw a bow and maneuver from one side of the tree to the other if necessary. The Platinum is an exception. The platform, which stands 19 feet, 4 inches above the ground when set up, measures 20 inches wide by 39 inches long. The angle of the armchair-style seat can be adjusted to suit your sitting style. And it folds up out of the way, when it’s time to stand up and shoot. The welded, tubular steel Platinum weighs 97 pounds. It’s epoxy-coated before final painting, making the stand impervious to rust.
Trophy Taker Ulmer Edge

Trophy Taker’s new Ulmer Edge broadhead is packed full of features that expandable broadhead fans will love. First and foremost, the head truly offers field tip accuracy due to the extremely low flight profile. Upon impact, razor sharp rear deploying blades create devastating full size entrance holes with maximum penetration. Patent pending blade design engages both blades together at full cutting diameter while allowing the blades to pivot around heavy bone. Other features that round out this head include a bone splitting stainless steel tip, 1.5” cutting diameter, and a blade retention system that prevents accidental blade deployment in flight or in your quiver! For those that still aren’t convinced, throw in the fact that the Ulmer Edge broadhead can be locked in “practice” mode and shot into ordinary broadhead targets without damaging the blades or the target and you have a broadhead that truly offers it all.

Axion Edge Micro-Series
Available now in a new tool-less design, the Edge Micro also incorporates one of the most innovative sound and vibration dampening technologies in archery, the Mathews Harmonic Damper. Strategically placed into the CNC machined sight, this subtle, yet highly effective tool ensures that any left-over vibration will not make its way into your bow sight. With laser-etched adjustment lines, two-inch pin guard with glow ring, adjustable level, staggered mounting holes, and Axion’s adjustable blue-light to brighten your pins, there is no question this sight will please just about any bowhunter.
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