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Stealth Cam Sniper Shadow

The second camera in the Sniper series is the Sniper Shadow. Two things set this camera apart from other cameras in the stealth lineup. For starters, the Sniper Shadow comes with “No Glo Night Vision” technology wary game animals will be clueless as to the cameras presence. And with a 50 ft range, you’re sure to capture that elusive buck as he passes by. The second feature of the Sniper Shadow is its ability to perform 3 different functions. Using what Stealth Cam calls TRIAD Technology (3 functions in 1), this camera can take video recordings, 8mp still images, and even offers time-lapsed video (allowing hunters to review a day’s worth of activity in a matter of minutes). MSRP: $219.99

Beman ICS Hunter Pro

Get the hot look of Realtree camo weave and the game-dropping speed of Beman’s most advanced lightweight carbon all in one package. The new ICS Hunter Pro comes equipped with the Microlite S Nock and ViBrake Hot Tail insert. Both give bowhunters an arrow with flat, accurate trajectory and hard hitting downrange impact. Simple design, lethally effective, patent-pending Hot Tail inserts work to stop vibration and quickly stabilizes the arrow for more accurate, stealthy shooting. In addition, many of the arrows in the Beman lineup can be made to accept DEEP SIX broadheads by simply replacing the standard inserts with the new DEEP SIX inserts.

Stealth Cam Sniper Professional HD Jim Shockey Series

The Sniper Professional HD Jim Shockey Series is the top of the line from Stealth Cam. Its features seem never ending but I will go over them with you. First, new in many of the cameras offered by Stealth Cam are the new ZX7 processors, which delivers faster trigger speeds, longer battery life, and now 720 HD video with audio among others This camera is a 8 mega pixel camera but can be lowered to a 3 or 1.3mp for more photo storage capacity. It has a burst mode setting allowing you to shoot 1-9 photos per event. It has a popular time lapse mode that is compatible with the hybrid image scan software that is downloadable from their website to your computer. It allows you to go over days of images fast and seamless. This camera records 720HD video with sound in 5-300 second video clips. I have come to love this option in trail cameras because it’s entertaining to hear what animals are doing as well as seeing. It stamps the date, time, temperature, and moon phase on every photo and video clip and the 54 IR emitters light up the evening photos out to 60 feet. The camera uses 8 “AA” batteries that are in a weatherproof plastic housing. This is sure to be a popular camera among trail camera users!

ATA Show 2015

A view of the RX36NG with 36 no glo emmitters and 8 mp resolution photos.  Notice how small this is?

ATA Show 2015

A view of the Stealth Cam GX, RX, and G series cameras

Muddy Pro Camera Arm
New from Muddy Outdoors is the new Pro camera arm. They took the ever popular Outfiiter camera arm and increased the strength as well as made it 4" longer. This camera arm comes with the new silent camera arm strap as well. Muddy states it should hold just about every camera the consumer uses at $199 retail.
Stealth Cam G30
New from Stealth Cam is the G30 camera, featuring up to 8mp photos, HD video recording, Reflex trigger system with under 1 second response, Matrix Blur Reduction, and Retina low light sensitivity.
Stealth Cam G42NG
New from Stealth Cam is the G30 camera, featuring up to 10mp photos, HD video recording, Reflex trigger system with under 1 second response, Matrix Blur Reduction, and Retina low light sensitivity.
SpyPointTiny Series

If you are looking for a top notch camera that is extra small but big on features, check out the Tiny Series Camera from SpyPoint. This tiny camera is very small so it won’t be easily seen but will provide extra bright pictures, thanks to 38 LED’s. This camera can record HD video so you can see what the deer are really doing as they pass by the camera. The Tiny Camera is 10 megapixels so the pictures will be extra sharp and look great even if you print them out. A 2.4- inch viewing screen allows the hunter to view the pictures without leaving the woods. Along with that, the camera comes with two side sensors which greatly improves response time. This camera is wireless capable.

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Max

Bushnell has a new trail camera called the Trophy Cam HD Max. Bushnell has quickly built a name in the
scouting camera arena and is known for offering great trail cameras at a reasonable price. The HD Max camera is no exception. This new camera comes with
Field Scan 2X, which allows the hunter to take time lapse images every minute or so up to every hour. The camera also has hyper night vision to ensure the
night time images are razor sharp. It comes with 32 low glow LED’s so game doesn’t get spooked. It can take HD video has a trigger time of .06 seconds and
takes 8MP images.

Primos Ultra 46
Primos entered into the trail camera market several years ago and have been expanding ever since. The Primos Truth Cam Ultra 46 is new for 2013 and has several great features. It has a 45 degree PIR sensor to aid in early detection so when your game comes in front of the camera, you are actually taking pictures of something. It features 7 megapixel photo resolution and it has up to 55 feet of night range with the use of their IR leds covered by a camo filter. It has photo, video with audio modes, as well as an HD Time Lapse mode. The camera runs on 8 “AA” battieries for up to 9 months of battery life.
Wildview TK40
Wildview is expanding their line of affordable trail cameras with the TK30 and TK40 NoGlo and they both have the new ZX7 processors for increased battery life and trigger speed. This review will be on the TK40. It is an 8 megapixel camera can be lowered down to a 5 mp for increased photo storage on your sd memory card. It records HD video with audio in 15-60 second clips. It has a time lapse function that is growing in popularity and burst mode that shoots 1, 3, or 6 images per triggered event. The recovery time between triggered events is 20 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes. Each photo and video is stamped with the date, time, temperature, and moon phase. It uses 40 Black IR emitters for up to 50 feet of lighted range at night with control to set 30 or all 40 emitters to use. To the eye, there is no light emitted and this technology is growing rapidly. It uses 8 “AA” batteries and the weatherproof case comes in a much more compact size than in the past.
Reconyx HC600 Hyperfire High Output Covert IR
Reconyx makes great scouting cameras for hunting use and security use. One of their most popular scouting cameras is the HC600 Hyperfire High Output Covert IR. The high output Hyperfire has many great features including No Glow infrared technology which eliminates the game spooking glow many cameras have. It has an incredibly fast trigger speed of lightning fast one fifth of a second and it can take two frames per second. The pictures are in color during the day and monochrome at night.
Covert MP6 Black
Covert is a growing camera company with a lot to offer the die hard or the entry level trail camera user. The MP6 Black is based off the ever popular MP6. The MP6 Black has 40 invisible flash led’s the help illuminate the night without being seen by the eye. It’s an 8 megapixel camera that can be set to 5mp or 3mp. With the nearly 1 second trigger speed, you can rest assure your animal will be in frame when the shutter closes. It offers 1-3 photo bursts per triggered event and programmable intervals from 1 second to 1 hour. It also has adjustable trigger sensitivity. It shoots photos as well as video with time, date, temp, and moon phase stamped on each clip. It uses 4 or 8 “AA” batteries and has a color viewer. The MP6 Black is sure to become one of DLC Covert’s best sellers.
Day 6 Plot-Watcher PRO, scouting camera
Hunters wanting to know what is going on in their food plot during daylight hours should check out the Day 6 Plot-Watcher PRO. This camera is not new for 2013 but is the flagship camera for Plot Watcher for good reason. With this camera, images are saved directly to video format with Tru-Video. The camera comes with GameFinder software. With MotionSearch, hours of video can quickly and easily be watched and frames can be found quickly when movement is detected. This camera will record time lapse video from any distance not just what is directly in front of it like many cameras, so you can easily track the patterns of the deer as they come and go from the plot. Another great feature of the PlotWatcher Pro is it can reportedly take one million pictures on eight AA batteries.
Moultrie Panoramic 150
Moultrie has a new state-of-the-art scouting camera called the Panoramic 150 that is unlike any scouting camera on the market. This camera contains three different motion sensors. Each sensor covers a 50-degree detection zone which gives a 150-degree coverage area, which is reportedly more than any camera currently on the market. When motion is detected, the silent slide rotating lens pivots to the area where the motion has been detected and takes the picture. This camera has two modes: single image mode and panoramic. In single image mode, the camera takes a single picture. In Panoramic, the camera takes three pictures from three angles and assembles the images which provides a panoramic view. This camera is awesome.
Leupold RCX-2
Leupold dove into the scouting camera market a few years ago and continues to hang its hat on the RCX-2 camera. This camera will impress hunters. This 10-megapixel camera takes magazine-quality images, has a trigger range of 45 to 90 feet and has a trigger speed of less than one-second. The RCX-2 can be purchased as a kit which includes all kinds of accessories including a RCX Controller for viewing pictures, 12-volt cable, Lock-Down Security Plate, screws, car adapter, home adapter, USB cable, and more.
Cuddeback Attack IR BF
Cuddeback is typically the first name that rolls off the tongue when you start talking about scouting cameras ... for good reason. They have been in the camera business for years and make some the the best scouting cameras on the market. One example of that is the new Attack IR BF. BF stands for black flash which means this camera is a no-glow camera that won’t spook deer. It takes color images by day and black and white pictures at night. In addition, it operates like the original IR camera. It has great features including the Video Plus mode that takes a still photo and video every time it takes a picture. It has Guard Duty time lapse mode that takes five pictures every minute. Even if an animal triggers the camera, Smart Color Technology ensures the pictures are of great color quality and Centered Subject Technology keeps the deer in the center of the picture. With trigger times of one quarter of a second and the ability to take 50,000 images on four D-cell batteries, this infrared camera will be a favorite.
Eyecon Trail Cameras Mantis
New from Eyecon Trail Cameras is the Mantis. Unlike other cameras, the Mantis has an adjustable camera head with over 120 degrees of adjustment. They are also claiming a detection range of 80 feet with an Invisiflash range of 70 feet with 60 no-light emitters. It boasts 9 megapixel images during the day and 5 at night. Eyecon claims 1.2 second trigger speed with trigger delays programmable from 10 seconds to 300 seconds. The Mantis also has a burst mode of 1, 3, or 5 photos with only 4 tenths of a second between photos. It also records video. Each image is stamped with the time, date, temperature, and moon phase. This camera runs on 10 “AA” batteries and has the option of an extended life Lithium Ion battery pack for up to 40,000 images. This is going to be a hit for many trail camera users.
Browning Range Ops
Browning has set out to take the high end trail camera market and introduced three new cameras. I am reviewing the Range Ops series. The Range Ops features 6mp photo resolution and also has HD video with sound. This has become very popular among trail camera users. It also has a time lapse photo mode. It has IR emitters for night photos and video for up to 50 feet of coverage. The video clips can be between 5 seconds and 2 minutes, depending on your personal preferences. Browning states less than one second trigger speed and up to 8 multi shot images and up to 4 rapid fire images. There is a programmable picture delay after a triggered event of 5 seconds to 1 hour. Each photo and video clip have the time, date, temperature, moon phase, and camera ID. Be looking for them soon.
Stealth Cam Core 3
The Core 3 is an inexpensive offering from Stealth Cam. Don’t let the price point fool you as there are a lot of options in this compact trail camera. This is a 3 mega pixel camera but can also use a lower resolution of 1.3 mp. It sports 40 IR emitters that light up the night up to 50ft. There is a burst mode setting allowing you to take 1-9 photos per event. It has a time lapse setting allowing you to set the camera to take photos continuously. This setting has become very popular among trail camera enthusiasts. It also records video with sound in 10-180 second lengths and stamps the date, time, moon phase, and temperature on them. Another great option is the 4 digit security code the user will have to use in order to operate the camera. The camera uses 8 “AA” batteries that are in a weatherproof plastic housing. Be looking for them soon!
Badlands The Camera Bag
The Camera Bag backpack was designed in conjunction with Campbell Cameras and built by Badlands for bowhunters and professional cameramen who must be ready for anything when video-recording their hunts. This pack measures 23 by 8 by 12 inches, and features a full T-6 aluminum internal frame, and padded interior pockets that can be customized to safely hold cameras, batteries, headphones and wireless microphones. The Camera Bag also has a zippered organizer compartment for media cards and tapes, a bedroll pocket for attaching a jacket, fully adjustable shoulder straps with sternum strap, padded hip-belt that adjusts to 50 inches, and two pack-straps for attaching a tripod or tree arm to the pack in whatever position you require. Kyle Almeling of Campbell Cameras said the Camera Bag – also available through GamePlan Gear as the CameraMan Backpack – was designed and built from the ground up to keep gear organized and easily accessible.
New Archery Products Lost Camo Apache

New Archery Products Lost Camo Apache-The APACHE rests were introduced several years ago and continue to be leaders in durability and performance. In 2013 this trend of excellence continues and now the Apache arrow rests are available in Mathew’s Lost Camo and Realtree APG Camo. These arrow rests feature a V-shaped launcher that centers your arrow every time. The inside of the rest housing is pre-lined with sound-deadening material for a whisper-quiet release.

Wild Game Vantage Cam

Vantage 5MP AC5XC- Videoing your hunts has never
been easier with this kit that includes a flexible tripod mount,  a tree mount, a strap mount, and a hat clip
that allows you to video all types of outdoor activities like racing your dirt bike.  It has a 4X digital zoom and takes day or night video and still pictures.  
The AC5XC uses a rechargeable Lithium battery which is included.    

Stealth Cam Epic HD

The Epic HD This amazingly small camera is instant on, shoots in 1080 HD and allows you to sync several cameras to a single remote.  This small device has a wide angle lens and the capability to handle up to a 32-GB removable card.  The remote operates cameras easily at 60 feet with reported use at over 100 feet. 
Small, compact, and lightweight, it offers a 30-foot flash range plus audio capability. 

Hunten Solar Trail Camera Charger

Hunten Solar Trail Camera Charger  Now you can attach a solar panel to a  trail camera and never worry about the batteries going dead.  Wildlife feeders have
operated this way for a long time and now the same solar panel adaptor will charge a six volt battery or models with rechargeable AA batteries.  A mounting bracket will allow you to collect the maximum amount of sunlight and stainless, rubber coated cables help protect the connections from varmints. This is
not designed for use with sprint-top, lantern, or alkaline batteries. 

Blootrail Ground Camo

The folks from Barronett ground Blinds had an impressive array of ground blinds on display at the ATA show, but what really caught my attention was their distinctive camouflage patterns. Barronett wanted to use camouflage that was specifically designed for concealment on the ground, which is how the idea of the BLOODTRAIL camouflage line came about. BLOODTRAIL is offered in three patterns – Woodland Camo, “Blades” Field Camo, and Snow Camo. All three patterns are specifically designed with large scale elements and appropriate contrast, which prevent the “blob effect” that is common when viewing other patterns from longer distances. Additionally, these patterns focus on the vertical orientation to help them blend in to natural surroundings. And if you were wondering where the camouflage line gets its name – yes, each pattern features a subtle splatter of a blood trail.

Pine Forrest Camo
Pine Forest Camo is a straight-forward bark pattern. No leaves, no branches, and no repeat. The pattern works well on pine and oak, and has led the company to adopt the slogan, “Be the tree.” Obviously this pattern is going to work best for human concealment in a limited scope – treestand hunting. But what really sparked my interest in this pattern is the idea of using it on products, not people. Get a trail camera or treestand steps “dipped” in Pine Forest Camo and these products will nearly disappear when mounted on a tree. This not only helps conceal these items from game, but can also help prevent theft.
Licking Branch Visit

This nice buck works over a licking branch on the edge of a corn field during early November.

Long Tines Buck - Illinois trail camera photo

This long tined buck showed up out of the blue in late October to work some scrapes.  It's nice when these "bonus" bucks show up on camera during the rut!  Photo captured by the Stealth Cam Archer's Choice digital trail camera.

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Mathews Edition

The Mathews Edition Maxima Hunter is the most proven and reliable premium grade 100% carbon arrow in the Carbon Express line. The precision design is faster and offers tighter tolerances than traditional carbon arrows. The Mathews Edition Maxima Hunter is the fastest camouflage arrow in the Carbon Express line! Here are a few features:

  • Dual Spine Weight Forward — rapid recovery and guidance control
  • Patented BuffTuff Plus carbon weave construction — excellent strength and durability
  • BuffTuff — the world's toughest and quietest carbon arrow finish with Mathew's Lost Camo* pattern
  • Blazer vanes — added velocity for precision broadhead performance
  • BullDog nock collar — unrelenting strength and durability for nock end impacts
  • Straightness: ± 0.0025"
  • Weight tolerance: ± 1.0 grains
  • Spine selection tolerance: ± 0.0025"
Big Game Black Widow

The final 2 models in the Big Game lineup are sure to find a home in any hunter’s neck of the woods. The Black Widow carries all of the same features of the Storm, with the exception of 5MP images, a 40ft. night range, and a 1.2 second trigger time. The Quick Shot carries the same features as the Black Widow, with the exception of the Epic camo finish and Invisi-Flash.

Big Game Quick Shot

The final 2 models in the Big Game lineup are sure to find a home in any hunter’s neck of the woods. The Black Widow carries all of the same features of the Storm, with the exception of 5MP images, a 40ft. night range, and a 1.2 second trigger time. The Quick Shot carries the same features as the Black Widow, with the exception of the Epic camo finish and Invisi-Flash

Big Game Storm

Makers of popular treestands by the same name, this company has jumped into the game camera market with three new models for 2012. The best of the bunch is the Storm. Boasting completely undetectable Invisi-Flash, the Storm is loaded with comparable features of other cameras that have been on the market for years. This is evident in the sharp, crisp, 9MP images captured by the ultra-quick 1/3 second trigger speed. And, if video is your thing, the Storm can fill your needs with 30 frames per second video capabilities. Rounding things out with 1, 3, or 5 photo burst-mode and a 60 ft. night range, the Epic camo covered Storm is quite a “first step” into the trail-camera market.

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD

From the company that started the “tiny” game camera revolution, Bushnell adds a comprehensive list of upgrades to its highly popular Trophy Cam lineup. All 2012 models now feature true HD video resolution with audio and new Field Scan 2x for two windows of image capture. Some models will also include the stealthy Hyper Night Vision no-glow black LED’s for the ultimate in covert image capture. The Trophy Cam is also fast with a 0.6 second trigger time; tacking 8MP images in the blink of an eye. A Field-Scan time-lapse mode also allows images to be taken at set intervals. One-year battery life and programmable trigger interval round out the features.

Cuddeback Ambush IR

No stranger to the game camera business, Cuddeback has been helping customers catch images of wildlife for years. New for 2012 is the Ambush IR. Its small stature makes it great for placement along trails, rub-lines, and scrapes. And, thanks to its ¼ second trigger speed, you’re sure to capture that elusive game animal no matter what time or how fast it passes through your hunting location. With 5-second camera delay, and 10 sec. video clips, the Ambush performs just like cameras half its size. Bowhunters can expect 6 month operation from the 8 “AA” batteries that power the unit. The Ambush also comes with Cuddeback’s Centered Subject Technology and produces high quality 5MP images.

Moultrie Game Spy M-80 XT Mini

Don’t let the name “Mini” fool you. The M-80XT is big on features. Utilizing 4 different Moultrie technologies, the XT is sure to be a favorite among bowhunters everywhere. New features include the FastFire continuous mode, and Plot Stalker Hybrid mode which enables users to capture images at pre-set intervals; in addition to images triggered by game movement. Other features found on the 80XT include Motion Freeze Blur Reduction Technology which reduces infrared nighttime blurring, and Illumi-Night Sensor which provides the brightest and clearest nighttime infrared pictures. The unit operates for up to 1 year on 4 or 8 AA batteries, with a built in battery life indicator and info strip stamped on each 5mp image.

Moultrie Game Spy M-80 Mini

If you’re looking for the ultimate in covert game-tracking technology, then look no further than the Moultrie series of “Black Flash” cameras. Topping the list is the M-80 mini. This sleek, compact camera emits no visible LED light for ultimate concealment. With a 50 ft night range, you’re sure to get a glimpse of those nocturnal bucks. Versatility is also a strong point to of the Mini thanks to its 3 operational modes: IR Trigger Game Camera, Hybrid time-lapse plot camera, Plot camera by day, infrared camera at night. Additional features include a 1-year battery life, 16:9 widescreen images, New FastFire Continuous Shooting Mode (capturing 3 images per second), and temperature, moon phase, time and date ID Stamp.

Moultrie Game Spy M-100 Mini

Featuring Illumi-Night Sensor and Plot Stalker Time-Lapse Technology, the M-100 provides a 60-foot night range and 3 operational modes which include IR trigger game camera, Time-Lapse plot camera, and Plot camera by day, Infrared by night. Password security features in addition to a 1 year battery life means you can rest easy while your camera does all the work. The camera housing also comes in Realtree APG camo for those wanting the ultimate in concealment.

Reconyx HC600 Hyperfire

Three words best describe the new line of Reconyx HyperFire scouting cameras….Smaller, Faster, Sharper. Leading the pack of new cameras is the HC 600. This powerhouse of a scouting camera is a scant 4.5x5.5x3 inches, and carries a trigger speed of a mere 1/5 of a second, and photos as quickly as 2 frames per second. Reconyx has also changed to Secure Digital SD cards and combined them with their own proprietary technology to capture full 1080P High Definition images. Users will also notice increased image quality, day or night thanks to the company’s exclusive Ultra HD IR camera lens. On top of all of this, the Reconyx HC 600 provides “real-world” battery life for up to a full year! A 50ft. flash range, operational zone from -20-120 degrees, time/date/moon/temp stamp, and No-Glow High Output Covert IR Illumination system round out the features on the HC 600.

SpyPoint HD-12

The new HD-12 not only produces high-quality 12MP images, it also records sound and HD video. And with a wireless triggering system, detection range is increased; allowing users to get images across open fields/food plots, or distant trails not within the cameras normal triggering range. The HD-12 also comes with Black Flash technology so no game will be spooked by its presence. As with all other SpyPoint cameras, the features list is very extensive.

SpyPoint Flash/IR

For those who can’t decide between a standard white-flash camera and those with infrared flash, the decision as to which one to buy is solved. The new Flash/IR comes with a highly innovative, interchangeable flash unit that provides infrared flash or standard white-flash by simply removing one or the other. It really is that easy! This allows the camera to take color day/night pictures or black and white at night. With 7MP abilities, a compact design, and all of the same qualities found on the other SpyPoint cameras, the Flash/IR is sure to be a huge hit.

SpyPoint BF-7

Making quite a statement in 2012, SpyPoint has one of the most impressive lineups on the market. First on the list is the compact IR-7. Measuring roughly 4x6x2 inches, this 7MP infrared surveillance camera has a plethora of features; including 46 infrared LED’s for night time illumination, 10-90 sec video recording, date/time/moon/temp stamp, adjustable distance detection sensor (5 to 50 ft) sound recording, and 4 shot burst mode. An additional feature is the removable camera for easier use. Unlike other game cameras, the camera actually separates from the housing; allowing easier handing of the unit. With identical features as the IR-7, the BF-7 has the added capabilities of completely undetectable infrared flash; aptly named “Black Flash”.

SpyPoint IR-7

Making quite a statement in 2012, SpyPoint has one of the most impressive lineups on the market. First on the list is the compact IR-7. Measuring roughly 4x6x2 inches, this 7MP infrared surveillance camera has a plethora of features; including 46 infrared LED’s for night time illumination, 10-90 sec video recording, date/time/moon/temp stamp, adjustable distance detection sensor (5 to 50 ft) sound recording, and 4 shot burst mode. An additional feature is the removable camera for easier use. Unlike other game cameras, the camera actually separates from the housing; allowing easier handing of the unit. With identical features as the IR-7, the BF-7 has the added capabilities of completely undetectable infrared flash; aptly named “Black Flash”.

SpyPoint Live 3G

Keeping up with the fast-paced world we live in, the LIVE 3G instantly sends a 3G Cellular photo through the SpyPoint website. The camera also allows you to choose which images you wish to download to your smartphone or laptop in high resolution. And, with a theft-alert notification, you are instantly sent an e-mail telling you that your camera has been moved. Camera configurations can also be made wirelessly via the SpyPoint website. Unit is available in camo or black finish.

SpyPoint Tiny W2

With a list of possibilities, the new Tiny-W2 is sure to make would-be thieves think twice about taking what isn’t theirs. Thanks to a Blackbox Receiver, which can be placed up to 250ft away from the main camera, each picture that is captured by the main unit is automatically sent to the minuscule backup box hidden discretely some distance away. In the event that your camera is stolen, you will still have access to the images; allowing you to still see the deer activity at your site, but more importantly, the last person who stood in front of your camera. Additional highlights include 8MP images, 3 sensors for a total of 7 zone detection range, compact design, 38 infrared LED’s for night time illumination, adjustable periods of operation, time-lapse mode, instant trigger time, date/time/moon/temp stamp, and video recording.

Stealth Cam Unit OPS

Another new release in 2012 for Stealth Cam is the Unit OPS camera. The Unit OPS is similar to the Sniper Shadow in that it uses “No Glo Night Vision” technology to capture night time photos without your trophy ever knowing the Unit OPS camera is taking his picture. The IR range is exceptional at 50 ft. The camera features BurstMode which shoots 1-9 images per trigger and has a 2x and 4x digital zoom. TRIAD Technology makes the Unit OPS an extremely versatile tool in that it captures video, 8MP still images and even offers a time-lapse video (allowing hunters to review a day’s worth of activity in a matter of minutes). The unit is powered by 8 “AA” batteries and comes black in color. MSRP: $189.99

Stealth Cam

The new trail cameras from Stealth Cam are pretty awesome!

Filming Freaks

Are you a Filming Freak?

Camo Guitar

For when you need to play music in the woods, yet remain undetected!

Stealth Cam Trail Cameras
Stealth Cam has a great new lineup of trail cameras for 2012!
Bowtech Insanity Cam
A close-up of the cam system on the new Bowtech Insanity CPX.
Eyecon Trail Camera
A new trail camera for this year, the Eyecon from Big Game Treestands
2011 ATA Show
New Archer's Choice trail camera from Stealth Cam.
G5 Prime Cam System
G5 Prime cam system
2011 ATA Show
This pivoting trail camera mount from Primos mounts directly onto a t-style fencepost and works great with their new Super Model trail cameras.
2011 ATA Show
This new trail camera from Cuddeback will retail for just over $200, comes available in both standard and IR flash versions, does time lapse photography, and will take up on 50,000 photos on one set of batteries.
Garden Prairie, IL
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