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Heartland Wildlife Institute Buck Buster Extreme

Heartland Wildlife Institute, Buck Buster Extreme-It’s always great getting to talk to people who are passionate and stand behind their product. The Buck Buster Extreme food plot seed is a late summer/early fall annual food plot that should be planted around 60 days before the first killing frost in your area. The 25 pound bag mix is comprised of forage oats, winter rye, forage soybeans, and a brassica blend of forage rape and large bulb turnip, making this an excellent source for fall and winter energy and nutrition. One of the benefits that attracted me to this food plot seed mix is the turnips. Once the ground freezes in the winter, the turnips sweeten up and deer can’t resist digging them out of the ground to enjoy them. On top of all these benefits, the mix is overgrazing tolerant, so you don’t
have to worry about deer browsing on a daily basis.

TRU-FIRE HURRICANE BUCKLE JUNIOR – Simply handing a kid Dad’s release isn’t a good thing. It’s not likely to fit Junior correctly. The Hurricane Junior is a wrist release designed for hands that might not be as agile and educated as a more experienced adult’s. The wrist strap is smaller, so it can fit the smallest hands. It’s adjusted by a buckle. The release also can be adjusted to shorten or lengthen to distance between the head and the wrist strap. The jaws on the Hurricane Junior’s head are spring loaded. You pull the trigger to open the jaws and connect the release to the string then, you pull the trigger again at full draw to release an arrow.
Proveil ReaperBuck
Can a camouflage pattern be functional and fashionable? Proveil seems to think so. Their patterns are edgy and fashionable while still completely capable of providing concealment while hunting. The Proveil ReaperBuck pattern contains realistic elements of leaves, trees, branches, and earth tones, but also make a bold lifestyle statement by incorporating eight and ten-point buck skulls into the pattern. Proveil’s ReaperWoods take the same approach as ReaperBuck, but replaces the buck skulls and antlers with ghosted skull pattern that looks like something you might see on a custom motorcycle.
Long Tines Buck - Illinois trail camera photo

This long tined buck showed up out of the blue in late October to work some scrapes.  It's nice when these "bonus" bucks show up on camera during the rut!  Photo captured by the Stealth Cam Archer's Choice digital trail camera.

Cobra Buckhead 3 Point
If you’re looking for versatility in a bow sight, the new Buckhead series may be just what you’re looking for. Leading the pack is the Buckhead 3 Point. With a unique reversible mounting bracket and off-set mounting holes, the Buckhead has a wide range of vertical adjustment. The comes with its own rheostat light that prevents haloing by allowing the shooter to adjust the brightness of the light hitting the fiber optic pins. Available with 3 protected all-metal .019” pins, adjustable 3rd axis bubble level, and a 1.9 “ aperture for quick target acquisition, the Buckhead can be covered in LOST camo, as well as Realtree AP or black. This same sight also comes in a 5-pin model appropriately named the Buckhead 5 point and a tool-less version.
Garden Prairie, IL
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