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NAP Killzone Broadhead

For its expandable-broadhead line, NAP unveils the KillZone, a rear-deploying two-blade broadhead with a 2-inch cutting diameter. Both blades open and work in unison to provide maximum penetration and prevent single-blade deployment or deflections.

The KillZone’s blades are strategically placed farther back from the tip, allowing both blades to fully deploy and anchor against the back of the ferrule, delivering extreme entrance and exit holes with enhanced penetration and durability.

The KillZone also features NAP’s Diamized blade technology, making it one of the industry’s sharpest blades. It’s available in three models: 100-grain Cut-On-Contact tip, Trophy Tip, or Deep Six. To learn more about the KillZone and other NAP products, call (800) 323-1279, or visit

WASP Queen

New from Wasp is the Queen broadhead.  This fixed
3 blade design is catered to the female hunters out there who shoot shorter arrows and have lighter draw weights (below 55lbs).  The Queen is a 75 grain head with a 1” cutting diameter.  It has a Stainless Smart Tip (SST) and an aerodynamic stainless steel ferrule that is anodized bright pink.  They are sold as a 3 pack
with two sets of replacement blades.

Muzzy Trocar
Muzzy, the makers of the number one selling fixed blade broadhead has created a new head for 2013 called the Muzzy Trocar. Made with a solid steel ferrule and three razor sharp .035 thick; helix set blades, this head is sure to provide field point accuracy, with devastating performance, on the game you choose with a 1 3/16” cutting diameter. The Muzzy Trocar is offered in four models; the standard 100 grain, 100 grain deep 6, 100 grain Crossbow, and the 125 grain crossbow. They are said to be sold in packs of 6.
Trophy Taker Ulmer Edge
This field point accurate mechanical broadhead that was introduced last year from Trophy Taker has added a 100 grain 1 ½ “ cutting diameter and 125 grain 2” cutting diameter for the Deep Six Inserts. The Ulmer’s Edge is made from a single piece chisel tip steel ferrule with two rear deploying blades that open together as one upon impact and can pivot around bone. The blades also have been sharpened on the rear edges for added cutting, in case there isn’t a pass through. The band blade retention system prevents the blades from opening prematurely; and the head can be locked into practice mode, keeping the blades from opening while practicing. This allows you to shoot without damaging targets or dulling the blades. They are sold in packs of three.
Flying Arrow Archery Toxic
They are calling it “Meat Worm Technology”, the Toxic Broadhead may be changing blood trails forever with this fixed blade broadhead. The Toxic Broadhead is said to be field tip accurate due to the reduced wind drag design, while flying whisper quiet. There are no moving parts or set screws and the blades are replaceable. With just under 5” of cutting surface on impact, I can only image what the wound channel would look like. They will be offered in 100 grain models with a chisel tip and blades that are surgically sharp. Look for them soon.
Slick Trick Nuke
Known for their accurate fixed blade heads, Slick Trick introduces new for 2013…..the Nuke. They are claiming field point accuracy, even through the fastest of bows, with their first mechanical broadhead. The rear deploying EZ Open Blade design assures the blades fully open. In the closed position you will find the blades to cut at 1.3 inches, while open they are 1.8 inches. The setback blades help eliminate deflection on steeper angled shots. This is sure to be a great head from Slick Trick. They are sold in packs of 3 and should be available June 2013.
Swacker 2 inch
New from Swacker is a larger 2” cutting diameter mechanical broadhead. The unique design has two separate cutting edges. There are wing blades, that are exposed in the closed position, that cut a 1” hole and upon impact those cutting edges also act as the opening mechanism for the rear deploying blades that cut 2”. The head is made of aircraft grade aluminum, while the chisel tip is made of high carbon steel. Also offered by Swacker are the 2 ¼” cutting diameter 125 grain and the 1 ¾” cutting diameter 100 grain versions. They are sold in packs of 3.
NAP KillZone Maxx
Another expansion off the Killzone mechanical head line is the Killzone MAXX. This head was slightly redesigned to accommodate longer deploying blades. With the cut-on-contact tip and larger 2 3/8” cutting diameter, this head is sure to leave a massive wound channel on your targeted game species. The head again is offered in a 100 grain model and is recommended for those who pull 60 pound draw weights or greater. They come in packs of 3 with a free practice head.
Today I notice a lot more females and youth getting involved in bow hunting. Many companies, such as New Archery Products, are taking note of that trend and in turn have designed the new Low KE (low Kinetic Energy) head for those who are unable to shoot the longer draw lengths, or higher draw weights, that help us gain that much needed energy to put an animal down ethically. The Killzone was very popular this past season, using the spring clip retention system, ensuring that the blades remain closed during flight and open only on impact. The Killzone Low KE is offered as a 100 grain head with 1 ¾” cutting diameter, upon blade deployment, and is offered with the cut-on-contact tip. They come in packs of 3 with a free practice head.
QAD Exodus
Expanding on the Exodus Line of fixed blade broadheads, a 125 grain version is now being offered for both Crossbow shooters as well as compounds. The Exodus broadhead has two different designs, Full and Swift. The Full design’s blades extend over the arrow shaft. The Swift design’s blades also extend over the arrow shaft, but not tight on it like the Full. This unique design aids in better arrow flight and uncompromising strength. Quality Archery Designs offer the Exodus broadhead in 85, 100, and now 125 grain models in both full and swept blade designs and all have a 1 ¼ cutting diameter made of all stainless steel. They are sold in packs of 3.
Rage Chisel-Tip Xtreme
Also new from Rage is a 2.3” plus cutting diameter slip cam broadhead, with a bone crushing chisel tip. The two .035 stainless steel blades are razor sharp and have an increased blade angle for helping maintain kinetic energy for deeper penetration. It also offers the Shock Collar blade retention system, keeping the blades from opening during transport or flight. It will be offered to hunters in a 100 grain head for standard inserts. Rage does not recommend use for draw weights under 55 pounds. They are said to be sold in packs of 3 with a practice head included.
Rage Hypodermic
New from Rage is the Hypodermic. Designed with aerodynamics in mind, the compact solid steel ferrule has a new hybrid chisel tip. It has 2 razor sharp .035 stainless steel slip cam deploying blades and offers 2” plus cutting diameter. Also new is the Shock Collar blade retention system that prevents the blades from deploying while in flight. Rage is offering this head in the 100 grain model for both standard and deep 6 inserts. They are said to be sold in packs of 3 with a practice head included.
NAP KillZone Maxx

Mechanical broadheads are used by a large number of today’s bowhunters. Achieving accuracy is much easier with mechanical broadheads than with fixed blade broadheads. New Archery Product’s new Killzone line gives archers everything they need in a hunting head. Killzone broadheads have rear-deploying blades and offer field point accuracy. They are strong and dependable and offer large wound channels. The Killzone Maxx has a 2 3/8-inch cutting diameter while the Killzone Low KE features a 1 3/4-inch cutting diameter. Both incorporate a two-blade design. The Low KE is perfect for shooters using lower poundage bows.

Rage Chisel Tip

Rage Outdoors combines its rear-deploying SlipCam technology with its new bone-busting helix-cut chisel point to create the Rage Chisel Tip broadhead. When the Rage Chisel Tip cuts through the animal’s hide, its razor-sharp steel blades deploy to cut wide, lethal wounds.

The Rage Chisel Tip is available in three versions. The two-blade model has a 2-inch cutting diameter, and is available in 100- and 125-grain weights. The 100-grain three-blade has a 1.5-inch cutting diameter.

The Rage Chisel Tip features the ShockLock blade-retention system, which allows blades to lock in place with an O-ring that acts as a shock absorber for the blades. They remain locked in place until the moment of impact.

Slick Trick VipeTrick

Slick Trick says its new ViperTrick broadhead is meaner than a snake, featuring a cut-on-contact two-edge tip and the company’s traditionally strong one-piece heads. Its replaceable Mercedes blades are made from Lutz custom knife-grade steel, ensuring they’re sharper out of the box and can be sharpened even further by hand.

The ViperTrick delivers Slick Trick’s well-known field-point accuracy, and its four-blade design inflicts slug-like holes for better blood trails. The blades are .035-inch thick and its ferrule is built from Super Steel. Its cutting diameter is 1-1/16 inches in one direction and 7/8-inch the other.

It also features a two-edge cut-on-contact tip, and blades held secure by Slick Trick’s patented Alcatraz BladeLock construction.

Trophy Taker Ulmer Edge

Trophy Taker’s new Ulmer Edge broadhead is packed full of features that expandable broadhead fans will love. First and foremost, the head truly offers field tip accuracy due to the extremely low flight profile. Upon impact, razor sharp rear deploying blades create devastating full size entrance holes with maximum penetration. Patent pending blade design engages both blades together at full cutting diameter while allowing the blades to pivot around heavy bone. Other features that round out this head include a bone splitting stainless steel tip, 1.5” cutting diameter, and a blade retention system that prevents accidental blade deployment in flight or in your quiver! For those that still aren’t convinced, throw in the fact that the Ulmer Edge broadhead can be locked in “practice” mode and shot into ordinary broadhead targets without damaging the blades or the target and you have a broadhead that truly offers it all.

Wasp Queen Broadhead

Because of the rising demand for broadheads designed especially for women, Wasp delivers the svelte 75-grain Queen.

Don’t let the Queen’s pink color fool you into thinking it’s harmless. The Queen’s lightweight but sturdy construction is engineered and built for women who shoot bows below 55 pounds of draw weight. It features a 1-inch cutting diameter, and is equipped with Wasp’s stainless steel Smart Tip and three razor-sharp blades that measure .027 inches thick.

Carbon Express XT Dual Blade

The new XT Dual Blade Broadhead is designed exclusively for crossbow arrows and crossbow hunting. It features razor-sharp six-blade construction that cuts a significantly larger wound channel than traditional broadheads.

Further, its curved cutting blade surface delivers maximum penetration and deadly results, and the backs of the main blades are sharpened for even greater damage. The dual, side-by-side cutting blades create up to a 250 percent larger wound opening, which means significantly greater blood loss, a faster kill and better blood trails. This broadhead weighs 100 grains and has a 1-1/8-inch cutting diameter. Further, its blades are 0.058-inch thick.

G5 Havoc

New for 2012, G5 adds the Havoc two-blade expandable broadhead to its line of quality-engineered broadheads. The Havoc is G5 Outdoors’ first mechanical head to use Swiss steel Lutz blades, which makes it one of the sharpest blades released in the broadhead market.

The Havoc also features G5’s new Posi-Lock blade-retention engineering for a no O-ring, no rubber-band and no-hassle system. Further, its balanced blade-deployment system deploys both blades simultaneously, ensuring bigger, more consistent entrance holes. A new blade cartridge system, which inflicts a 2-inch cutting diameter, allows users to change blades quickly and easily.

The Havoc is available in 100- and 125-grain models and comes with a practice broadhead.

Innerloc Falcon Claw

The Falcon Claw delivers a fatal punch with its three-bladed 1-inch cutting diameter and its game-stopping Claw collar. This two-stage action stops small-game animals in their tracks while delivering fast-killing wounds to wild turkeys.

That’s because the Falcon inflicts all the slicing and hemorrhaging of a conventional broadhead, but also delivers the shock and reliable grabbing action of a small-game head. By combining these two forces, bowhunters unleash knock-downs they’ve never seen before.

Further, Innerloc’s Blade Alignment Technology, or “BAT,” lets bowhunters tune the Claws to their carbon arrows for pinpoint accuracy.

Muzzy DX-3 Deep Six

Muzzy introduces a DX-3 broadhead designed for Easton’s new Deep Six inserts and ultra micro-diameter Injexion arrows. The 100-grain, three-blade Muzzy DX-3 features a tapered ferrule, modified shank and slimmer thread for compatibility with the Deep Six system.

The Muzzy DX-3, coupled with the Easton Deep Six System, produces less wind drag than other larger broadhead-arrow combinations, resulting in increased accuracy and deeper penetration. When the same amount of energy is concentrated in the smaller Deep Six/DX-3 package, the result is devastating. The DX-3 also fits Easton's Axis and Full Metal Jacket with Deep Six inserts.

Its cutting diameter measures 1.25 inches and its blades are .025 inches thick.

NAP Deep Six Broadheads

Working in conjunction with Easton, NAP has developed a line of Deep Six compatible broadheads.  These new heads are compatible with all Easton products which use the new Deep Six insert components.  The new “boat tail” ferrule design, and an increased amount of thread content offers more precise broadhead to arrow alignment for increased down range accuracy.  NAP produces five Deep Six broadheads including the Killzone, Bloodrunner, Spitfire Maxx, Thunderhead Razor and the bone-crunching Big Nasty.

G5 Havoc Broadhead
A new 2" expandable broadhead from G5.
G5 Havoc Specs
The specs on the all new G5 Havoc broadhead.
NAP Killzone
The new NAP Killzone broadhead features a 2 inch cutting diameter and a unique design that doesn't use spring clips to keep the head closed in flight.
Exodus Broadhead
New Exodus broadhead from QAD.
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