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Trophy Taker Quivalizer

This one was something unlike I’d ever seen. The Quivalizer serves as both a quiver and stabilizer. It mounts pointing forward like a stabilizer does. But it can also mount in the upright quiver like a conventional quiver. It has a five-arrow capacity and an aluminum machined hood. You don’t need a pocket full of wrenches and other tools to get it off either. Its quick attach and detach system is a breeze. If you like different, this is the quiver, and stabilizer, for you.
MSRP: $239.99

Tight Spot Black Crimson

This quiver has one of the toughest hoods on the market. The deep channel keeps your broadheads hidden and protected. Arrows are easy to remove, yet stay in place without unwanted rattling and vibration. The TailFan design keeps the arrows flared out so the fletching doesn’t rub others arrows.
MSRP: $162.95

Trophy Ridge Vault Two Piece

This is one of the most compact quivers on the market. This two-piece option from Trophy Ridge is quite the quiver. It allows for five arrows. The good thing about this quiver? Everything is compact and tight to the bow. It only weighs 10 ounces. That’s light.
MSRP: $99.99

Treelimb Premium Series

This five-arrow quiver is one to have. Don’t let the small frame deceive you. This is one of the most durable quivers on the market. It will withstand more than most quivers. It comes in over 20 different skins.
MSRP: $104.99

Limbsaver Silent Quiver

Limbsaver says this is the quietest quiver they’ve ever tested. Its NAVCOM hood makes for quiet arrow removal. Its double rubber grippers will hold virtually any arrow size without fail. Its quick-detach system allows for quick and quiet removal. But with this light-weight design, you may never want to take it off.
MSRP: $56.99-$59.99

Muzzy TAQ 5

This quiver sports vibration dampening rubber. It will work with compounds and crossbows. It has a tough, lightweight aluminum frame. It attaches and detaches easily with its twist lock mounting bracket. You can even mount flashlights, cameras and other accessories to it.
MSRP: $39.99

FUSE Vector XT

This quiver features the new FUSE StealthBand technology. This new overhaul led to better sound and vibration suppression. Its machined aluminum frame makes it lightweight and durable. It has a super-fast on-off mounting system. It comes in eight custom color options. Like the Vector, it has a treestand loop.
MSRP: Not available

FUSE Vector

This composite quiver has the low-resonance quality we’re all looking for. It’s quiet — really quiet. The dovetail mounting system is another desirable trait found in this quiver. It comes in four and six arrow versions. Lastly, it has a treestand loop so you can easily hang it up once you get in the stand.
MSRP: Not available

Archer Xtreme Nitrix

This is new for 2015 and is an eye-catcher for sure. This quiver has everything needed for a successful hunt. It certainly appears capable of meeting the demands of hardcore bowhunters. It is light weight and durable as well. Furthermore, it’s the only quiver in the industry that adjusts to accommodate any arrow size.
MSRP: $139.99 (four-arrow) / $159.99 (six-arrow)


Todd Graf's good friend and hunting partner Mike, harvested this awesome 220+ inch Illinois whitetail on November 5, 2011 with his Mathews eZ7.  Stay tuned to over the next several weeks for the full story about Sweetness along with several years worth of trail camera photos, shed antlers and several on-camera encounters during the 2010 season.

2011 ATA Show
Lining up the correct yardage for a clean shot on the Mathews Bowhunting game for your Wii.
2011 ATA Show staff member John Mueller playing the Mathews Bowhunting video game, available for your Nintendo Wii entertainment system.
Garden Prairie, IL
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