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Apex Game Changer

The folks at Apex Gear are definitely thinking outside the box and it shows in their latest offerings. The aptly named “Game Changer” sight has a long list of innovative features. Perhaps the most impressive is the ability to change fiber color without actually changing the pins! Using an ingenious fiber optic removal system, the need to “re-sight” your bow after changing pin colors is a thing of the past. Simply unscrew the “colored” fiber optic you wish to remove, which connects to a “clear” fiber optic at the base of the pin post, and replace it with your new favorite color. Additional features include Tru-Zero pin design which minimizes pin gaps, Tru-Touch soft-feel technical coating, 2nd and 3rd axis leveling, and a tool-less design, just to name a few.

Apex Accu-Strike Pro Series

With a new extended bracket and tool-less design, the Accu-Strike Pro is one solid built sight. It’s also lightweight; coming in at a scant 5.8 ounces. Other features include a new light position which allows more effective light distribution to fibers, a reverse bracket for greater vertical adjustability, and a glow-in-the-dark shooters ring. It also carries the Tru-Zero pin design. Colors include Mathews Lost, Black, and Realtree AP and APG.

Trijicon AccuPin

Accuracy is obviously a key component to making the shot, so a quality sight is equally as important. However, no sight is beneficial if it cannot be seen at crunch time, which is often early morning or just before dark. The AccuPin sight system is touted as “the ultimate low-light bow sight system.” A single pin surrounded by circular tritium-phosphor illumination provides plenty of low-light capability plus easy pin centering on the target. A built-in bubble level adds to increased accuracy. Once the sight is set, the adjustable AccuDial provides precise aiming through a range of 60 positions.

Vital X Archery Luminous
Previously known Vital Bow Gear, Vital X Archery carries the same innovative designs that bowhunters have come to enjoy and expect from their sights under the aforementioned name. One such bow sight is the Luminous. Carrying multiple fixed pins with one moveable sight pin, this clever design allows archers to have the best of both worlds; a fixed pin for those up close opportunities, and the ability to dial in a second pin to the exact yardage for long-range shots. The best part is, when not in use, the moveable pin can be placed at the bottom of the sight housing, thus providing a much clearer sight picture. In addition, the moveable sight runs on a “Rack and Pinion” system which not only makes it one of the smoothest and fastest moveable sights in the industry, but also doesn’t require the shooter to lock it down like other moveable sights. The 3rd and 4th axis leveling system also increases the sight level of accuracy.
Vital X Archery StarTrax
The StarTrax is a single-pin moveable sight that works on the same angular pin concept as the Vision. Unlike ordinary moveable pin sights, the StarTrax incorporates a revolutionary patented design with fiber optic indicator pins and markers on the actual bow sight bracket. Featuring 1 ½ inches of travel, the StarTrax will allow you to reach out and touch any type of game, near or far. Also, with 3 ½ feet of glow in the dark fiber optic, those low light shooting opportunities won’t adversely hinder your ability to fill tags.
Vital X Archery Vision Angular
The vision is the one sight designed to maximize a hunter’s field-of-view. Because the human mind doesn’t perceive angular formations of thin posts, the shooter can determine their aiming point quickly and easily while looking through the sight housing. This was the idea behind the angled pin post’s, which come from right to left in an “angled” manner; rather than simply straight out like conventional sight pins. When it comes time to aim, the only thing recognizable is the tip of the fiber optic pin, not the pin post. This sight also comes with 3rd and 4th axis leveling capabilities.
Fuse Carbon Interceptor
The focus at Fuse was to construct an ultra-light yet extremely durable bow sight. The Carbon Interceptor is the result of that focus. Featuring the proven, innovative, and patent pending FUSE dual-rod carbon frame and mounting system, the Interceptor carries lower mass and is highly vibration resistant, while at the same time allowing the ideal peep-to-housing centering characteristics that discerning bowhunters demand. And, low light shooting is no problem thanks to the Interceptors compatibility with the FUSE Sight Lite. Located at the end of the fiber optics (at the rear portion of the sight) more light is transmitted down the fiber optics for improve visibility when it matters most. Models come in 3, 5, or 7 pin arrays available in black, Realtree AP, and Max-1 Camo.
HHA FX Series Sight Head
Anyone familiar with single-pin moveable sights can attest to the quality and legendary performance of the HHA Optimizer series of sights. HHA Sports, creators of the award winning Optimizer Lite single pin slider sight, is excited to announce the new Brushfire and Optimizer Lite FX Series Sights for 2012. Available in 3 and 5 pin models, the FX has many of the great features of the Optimizer Lite and Lite Ultra line. Toolless micro windage adjustment, A.R.M.O.R. Sight Pin Technology, and an exclusive mechanical rheostat that brightens and dims all the sight pins are just a few features that set the FX apart from the competition. Available in .019 and .010 fiber sizes, each pin travels vertically in a 3 track system to ensure perfect pin alignment and adjustment every time.
Apex Tundra series
Carrying much of the same features as other sights in the Apex lineup, the Tundra is an ultra-lightweight, compact bow sight built from strong composite materials. It is adjustable to left and right hand shooters, carries a 1.8 inch inner diameter providing a large circular field of view, the innovative pin design improves the sight picture while protecting the pin fibers.
Archer Extreme (AXT) Titanium Extreme
Pushing the envelope of sight design as well as materials used, Archer Extreme unleashes what is possible the lightest sight on the market. The Titanium XT is light as a feather, tough as nails, and packed with ground-breaking features. Starting with the new TBR Titanium Bracket Ridge system, the XT carries a super thin sight bracket (more closely resembling a knife blade), yet remains remarkably strong. Sporting a new HV Fiber Ring Guard, shooters can more easily align the peep sight with the sight housing; especially in low-light conditions. With the addition of A Fiber Harness bracket system, maximum light is allowed to reach each fiber optic pin. The XT is also versatile; offering a right and left reversing bracket, and machined bubble-level holes on the top and bottom of the sight.
Axion Edge Micro-Series
Available now in a new tool-less design, the Edge Micro also incorporates one of the most innovative sound and vibration dampening technologies in archery, the Mathews Harmonic Damper. Strategically placed into the CNC machined sight, this subtle, yet highly effective tool ensures that any left-over vibration will not make its way into your bow sight. With laser-etched adjustment lines, two-inch pin guard with glow ring, adjustable level, staggered mounting holes, and Axion’s adjustable blue-light to brighten your pins, there is no question this sight will please just about any bowhunter.
Cobra Buckhead 3 Point
If you’re looking for versatility in a bow sight, the new Buckhead series may be just what you’re looking for. Leading the pack is the Buckhead 3 Point. With a unique reversible mounting bracket and off-set mounting holes, the Buckhead has a wide range of vertical adjustment. The comes with its own rheostat light that prevents haloing by allowing the shooter to adjust the brightness of the light hitting the fiber optic pins. Available with 3 protected all-metal .019” pins, adjustable 3rd axis bubble level, and a 1.9 “ aperture for quick target acquisition, the Buckhead can be covered in LOST camo, as well as Realtree AP or black. This same sight also comes in a 5-pin model appropriately named the Buckhead 5 point and a tool-less version.
Cobra Double Tine
The final sight in the Buckhead series is the Double Tine. The single-pin adjustable sight is sleek in design and carries many of the same features as the 3 point sight. With a built in quiver mount, the Double Tine doesn’t require “creative” thinking just to mount the quiver like some sights do. Available in black only.
Apex Atomic Single Pin
Talk about simplicity at its best, the new Atomic is a single-pin, single-yardage sight. With extra, extra long, protected, wrapped fiber, an LED light, and glow-in-the-dark shooters ring, this sight is perfect for those that hunt in close quarters at mostly known distances. The single pin is .019 in diameter and the sight comes in a black finish.
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