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New Bow Sights For 2013

This bad boy is lightweight, bright, and has all the goodies a bowhunter could want.  The fiber optics is well protected and the sight has a rheostat light and level included.  Like most sights on the market, it has micro-adjustable windage and elevation with laser engraved reference marks for sighting in your bow.  A couple of items to mention are the staggered mounting holes and the pins which are available in .019 or .010 fiber and protected with a 2" pin guard inside measurement.

Axion Edge Micro-Series
Available now in a new tool-less design, the Edge Micro also incorporates one of the most innovative sound and vibration dampening technologies in archery, the Mathews Harmonic Damper. Strategically placed into the CNC machined sight, this subtle, yet highly effective tool ensures that any left-over vibration will not make its way into your bow sight. With laser-etched adjustment lines, two-inch pin guard with glow ring, adjustable level, staggered mounting holes, and Axion’s adjustable blue-light to brighten your pins, there is no question this sight will please just about any bowhunter.
Russell, MB
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