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Cuddeback Attack IR BF
Cuddeback is typically the first name that rolls off the tongue when you start talking about scouting cameras ... for good reason. They have been in the camera business for years and make some the the best scouting cameras on the market. One example of that is the new Attack IR BF. BF stands for black flash which means this camera is a no-glow camera that won’t spook deer. It takes color images by day and black and white pictures at night. In addition, it operates like the original IR camera. It has great features including the Video Plus mode that takes a still photo and video every time it takes a picture. It has Guard Duty time lapse mode that takes five pictures every minute. Even if an animal triggers the camera, Smart Color Technology ensures the pictures are of great color quality and Centered Subject Technology keeps the deer in the center of the picture. With trigger times of one quarter of a second and the ability to take 50,000 images on four D-cell batteries, this infrared camera will be a favorite.
2011 ATA Show
This new trail camera from Cuddeback will retail for just over $200, comes available in both standard and IR flash versions, does time lapse photography, and will take up on 50,000 photos on one set of batteries.
Garden Prairie, IL
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