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New Archery Products Apache Carbon

How much can you improve a product that is arguably one of the best on the market? Well, New Archery Products is trying to do just that after the successes of the original Apache and the Apache Micro rests. The new Apache Carbon takes center stage. A product that has the full containment and popular features of it predecessors. The difference is a dramatic weight reduction due to the shift in materials from machined aluminum to carbon fiber, as well as a new, side-loading slot to make loading the arrow onto the rest quicker and easier. So, the Apache name is back and better than ever. The Apache Carbon is available in black and right-handed model only. MSRP: $119.99

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter KV Arrow

Maxima Hunter KV is the strongest arrow available on the market today. It offers the hunter unsurpassed strength, durability and greastest penetration within the Maxima series. This arrow is made with a layer of Kevlar*, a synthetic that is pound per pound five times stronger then steel. The Maxima Hunter KV is the top-of-the-line offering from Carbon Express, and a superior hunting arrow comparared to others on the market today.

Constructed using patented Dual Spine Weight Forward technology.

  • Dual Spine Weight Forward — rapid recovery and guidance control
  • Patented BuffTuff Plus carbon weave construction — excellent strength and durability
  • BuffTuff — the world's toughest and quietest carbon arrow finish with Mossy Oak Break Up pattern
  • Blazer vanes — added velocity for precision broadhead performance
  • BullDog nock collar — unrelenting strength and durability for nock end impacts
  • Straightness: ± 0.0025"
  • Weight tolerance: ± 1.0 grains
  • Spine selection tolerance: ± 0.0025"
New Archery Products ArmorRest Arrow Rest

One of the most recognizable names in the industry, New Archery Products, is back for 2012 in a big way. The company has released its newest drop-away arrow rest, the Armorrest, which will hold your arrow no matter the shot angle, even upside down. Worrying about fletching clearance will be a thing of the past, no matter what type of vane or feather you desire on your arrow. And while it weighs in at only five ounces, the titanium arms add unmatched strength. The Armorrest is available in black for right-handed shooters only. MSRP $139.99

Carbon Express PileDriver Hunter Arrow

The PileDriver series is engineered for the hunter who wants ULTIMATE penetration. The PileDriver Hunter is the heaviest arrow in the Carbon Express line to create maximum kinetic energy and greater knock down power. Built-in Weight Forward technology delivers superior down-range accuracy while compact Predator vanes allow for extra arrow velocity.

  • Innovative Built-in Weight Forward technology — superior down range accuracy with a broadhead
  • BuffTuff — world’s toughest carbon arrow finish in Mossy Oak Brush camouflage pattern
  • Predator vanes — high-performance compact design for added arrow velocity and greater accuracy
  • BullDog nock collar — unrelenting strength and durability for nock end impacts
  • Straightness: ± 0.005"
  • Weight tolerance: ± 1.0 grains
Easton INJEXION Arrow

Bowhunters wanting a hunting shaft with the same ultra-micro diameter of those used by Olympic archers were simply out of luck….until now. The new Easton INJEXION arrow will change the way we look at arrows and the broadheads that adorn them. In the past, conventional broadheads and inserts prevented the use of ultra-small shafts for hunting purposes. However, thanks to Easton’s Deep Six technology, bowhunters can enjoy the increased downrange kinetic energy, and superior crosswind performance of target shafts, in a hunting arrow. By incorporating a smaller, steel HIT insert, these micro-diameter shafts will accept broadheads and field points made specifically for the new Easton shaft. Together with NAP, Easton currently has 5 broadheads that will fit the INJEXION shaft.  These include the Thunderhead, Bloodrunner, and Spitfire, in addition to two new broadheads. The Big Nasty, which slides over the arrow shaft, and the all new NAP Killzone rear-deploying mechanical head. Each broadhead is designed with boattail technology, much like a bullet, to enhance performance with the micro-diameter shaft. The new INJEXION comes in two models; A/C and Carbon.

Beman ICS Hunter Pro

Get the hot look of Realtree camo weave and the game-dropping speed of Beman’s most advanced lightweight carbon all in one package. The new ICS Hunter Pro comes equipped with the Microlite S Nock and ViBrake Hot Tail insert. Both give bowhunters an arrow with flat, accurate trajectory and hard hitting downrange impact. Simple design, lethally effective, patent-pending Hot Tail inserts work to stop vibration and quickly stabilizes the arrow for more accurate, stealthy shooting. In addition, many of the arrows in the Beman lineup can be made to accept DEEP SIX broadheads by simply replacing the standard inserts with the new DEEP SIX inserts.

Victory VAP (Victory Armour Piercing) Arrow

The VAP (Victory Armour Piercing) is poised to set a new standard in the target arena thanks to its ultra-small diameter and thick walled, 100% high-modular core. This is the perfect arrow for those looking to shrink arrow group size and increase scores; especially at long range or in windy conditions. Combine the VAP arrow with the companies new Penetrator Broadhead Adapter and you will have a crazy hunting arrow with no compromises.

Easton Full Metal Jacket Arrow in Lost Camo

The hard hitting FMJ shafts welcomes a new camo pattern for 2012….Lost Camo. This particular pattern is exclusive to the bow giant Mathews and has quickly gained a strong following since its introduction. Utilizing a high-strength, N-FUSED carbon core wrapped in a full metal jacket, this shaft provides plenty of bone-crushing power for deeper penetration and more pass through power.

Automatic Arrow Rest The Pulse

Axion Pulse Automatic Arrow Rest -The Pulse arrow rest by Axion is the first of its kind. It is the first arrow rest to reset automatically after the shot. This means a quicker second shot (if necessary) as there is no thumb knob required to reset the rest. The spring loaded launcher arm drops as much as five times faster than conventional drop away rests, this means that the rest cord can be tied lower on the cable, allowing the rest to stay up and cradle the arrow for a longer period of time, while still falling out of the way of the arrow. The longer the arrow is held, the truer the arrow will fly. The rest is offered in a variety of colors to match your bow, these colors include: Black, Mathew’s Lost Camo, Tactical, Mossy Oak Break-Up, Realtree and for the ladies, Pink.

Firenock AeroRest

Firenock AeroRest-The AeroRest from Firenock is truly one of a kind. As opposed to launcher arms, bristles or prongs, the AeroRest uses ceramic balls to secure the arrow. These ball bearings are supported by springs which provide the exact amount of pressure to secure the arrow and nothing more. The ceramic coating provides an almost friction-less contact point between arrow and rest. Firenock’s AeroRest can be used for either right or left handed shooters, something not found in most rests. The rest is available in an array of different configurations to accommodate the needs of each individual shooter.

G5 Halo Full Containment Arrow Rest

G5 Halo Full Containment Arrow Rest-With the ever-changing arrow in mind, G5 has developed an arrow rest that can quickly and easily be made to fit each individual arrow size without upsetting the center shot of the rest. The rest features independent, adjustable launcher arms to fit any size arrow shaft (including micro diameter arrows like the Easton Injexion). The rest is a full containment model with three forward flexing rest prongs to promote forgiveness and accuracy. This rest is also ambidextrous.

New Archery Products Lost Camo Apache

New Archery Products Lost Camo Apache-The APACHE rests were introduced several years ago and continue to be leaders in durability and performance. In 2013 this trend of excellence continues and now the Apache arrow rests are available in Mathew’s Lost Camo and Realtree APG Camo. These arrow rests feature a V-shaped launcher that centers your arrow every time. The inside of the rest housing is pre-lined with sound-deadening material for a whisper-quiet release.

New Archery Products Carbon Apache

New Archery Products Carbon Apache-The Apache Carbon is an ultra-light carbon fiber version of the already popular and proven Apache by New Archery Products. The Apache Carbon contains a felt wrapped V-shaped launcher for a self-centering arrow alignment and is designed to be ultra-quiet just like it’s predecessors. If you are a back country bowhunter looking to shave some weight off your bow, check out the 4.5oz Apache Carbon.

QAD - Ultrarest HDX

QAD - Ultrarest HDX -“For the archer who demands the best,” QAD has developed the Ultrarest HDX. From the popular Ultrarest HD, they have slimmed down the design, made the vertical adjustment more versatile for newer bows and redesigned the thumbwheel by inserting the, “Timing Cord Lock.” The cool part about the HDX is that QAD has designed custom models to fit specific bows. The Ultrarest HDX comes in Black, Mathew’s Lost Camo, Realtree, Mossy Oak, Red, Pink, Blue and Green.

Schaffer Archery Opposition Arrow Rest

Schaffer Archery Opposition Arrow Rest-The Schaffer Opposition is an arrow rest that was previously introduced but is now offered with custom fit mounting plates for Mathews and Hoyt bows. The rest isn’t your common drop away rest as the jaws separate and move to the sides as opposed to falling out of the way. The rest can be “locked” into position to hold an arrow securely (as in the arrow can’t move at all while walking), the bow can be drawn and fired from either the locked position or the open position. The rest has been tested to allow full fletching clearance at speeds of up to 418 feet per second.

Trophy Taker  Smackdown Pro

Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro -The Smackdown Pro series arrow rest from Trophy Taker is a rest that gives technically minded archers everything they are looking for. The Smackdown Pro comes in a standard model as well as a full containment system for hunters. The rest incorporates an easy load arrow “door” to assure the arrow will never come out of the full containment rest. The rest operates differently from previous models in that it is activated by the lower limb of the bow rather than the downward cable of your compound bow. The rest is laser engraved for precise adjustments.

Trophy Taker Xtreme FC Pro

Trophy Taker Xtreme FC Pro-Trophy Taker’s X-Treme FC Pro and Pronghorn Pro are similar to the Smackdown line except for the fact that they are operated by the down cable. All Trophy Taker products come with a “no questions asked” lifetime warranty. The Trophy Taker Pronghorn arrow rest is an excellent choice for hunters that want a quality rest but also value simplicity.

Truglo Carbon XS Arrow Rest

Truglo Carbon XS Arrow Rest- Known for their sights and quivers, Troglo shocked the industry with two new arrow rests. The first of which is called the Carbon XS Arrow Rest. The rest incorporates an ultra-lightweight carbon composite containment ring with a CNC machined aluminum mounting bracket for strength in a light weight design. The rest does not require a bow press for installation which is always nice. The launcher arms are piston activated and there are no major moving components to fret about, allowing you to hunt with confidence.

Truglo Down Draft Arrow Rest

Truglo Down Draft Arrow Rest-One of two arrow rests introduced by Truglo, the Down Draft rest is a full containmentd drop away rest that is constructed of all metal parts. This rest is everything a hunter needs without the stuff you don’t. The rest utilizes a stainless steel launcher arm with sealed bushings to increase the downward speed during launch. This rest is laser engraved so the shooter can make precise adjustments. The rest comes black in color and is made for both right and left handed shooters.

Flying Arrow Archery Toxic
They are calling it “Meat Worm Technology”, the Toxic Broadhead may be changing blood trails forever with this fixed blade broadhead. The Toxic Broadhead is said to be field tip accurate due to the reduced wind drag design, while flying whisper quiet. There are no moving parts or set screws and the blades are replaceable. With just under 5” of cutting surface on impact, I can only image what the wound channel would look like. They will be offered in 100 grain models with a chisel tip and blades that are surgically sharp. Look for them soon.
Carbon Express Launch Pad

Top shooters know that nocks are an important
component of consistent, accurate arrow flight. This insight led Carbon Express® engineers to develop the patent-pending LAUNCHPAD Illuminated Precision
Nock. LAUNCHPAD Illuminated Precision Nocks are like no other nocks available today. In the past, lighted nocks focused on brightness and battery life. LAUNCHPAD changes this, as it is the first lighted nock engineered for better arrow performance. Carbon Express® designed this nock to ensure
consistency at all critical launch-points to allow the hunter to shoot better no matter what arrow they are using. LAUNCH PADIlluminated Nocks are balanced and manufactured with four-axis consistency and straightness within 0.001”, which ensures truest flight. LAUNCHPAD nocks are engineered to help you Shoot Better, featuring precise contact points, precision
aligned nock barrels and a concentric design.

Carbon Express Red

A quality arrow is a necessity for making the shot. Pinpoint accuracy is directly dependent upon spine and the resultant flexing of the arrow. This has long been a problem for bowhunters, especially when shooting fixed blade broadheads. The new Carbon Express Maxima Red takes arrow spine and flexing to a new dimension. The Maxima Red is stiffer on each end thus moving arrow flex to the center of the arrow. A smaller area of flex leads to flatter shots, quicker arrow recovery, and better accuracy. Limited wobble on the business end keeps broadheads on a straighter trajectory toward the target.

Easton Bloodline Carbon Arrow

If you’re looking for the increased penetrating performance that comes from using a small-diameter shaft, but you also want the increased speed of a lightweight carbon arrow, your search is over. The new BLOODLINE arrow gives you the best of both worlds….small diameter and all out speed. With a maximum spine rating of 330 and weight range of 8.7 grains per inch, your prey won’t know what hit them. Made with tough-as-nails carbon nanotube materials, the BLOODLINE is sure to stand up to just about anything in its path.

Easton ION Arrow

Made specifically for low poundage, short draw shooters, the new ION provides hard-hitting performance in a lower spine arrow shaft. Made in 500 and 600 spine ratings, the ION is sure to deliver the same results as those shafts used by heavier poundage shooters with long draw lengths.

Gold Tip Ted Nugent shafts - Green

Despite no new shafts in the Gold Tip lineup, one thing has changed…..the look of the XT, Expedition, and Ted Nugent shafts. First, the XT and Expedition will both come wrapped in the highly attractive and highly effective Lost Camo pattern exclusively from Mathews Inc. The Ted Nugent shaft will now be offered in Green as well as the standard white Zebra-stripe and Pink.

Victory VForce Arrow

Victory's hottest hunting arrow just got hotter, This standard hunting diameter shaft integrated with the tightest tolerances in the industry makes one deadly combination for Broadhead accuracy. The VForce now comes with Bohning blazer nocks and inserts. Glue in target points and pin bushing are sold separately. These arrows are manufactured with the highest quality carbon composite fibers available and are sorted to +/- 0.5 of grain weight per dozen on all 300, 350 and 400 sizes, and +/- 3 grains weight tolerance on 500 's and 600's per dozen.

Trophy Taker SmackDown Pro Series Arrow Rest

Trophy Taker is back for 2012 with it’s SmackDown Pro Series of fall-away rests. The combination of superb durability in a lightweight, compact package is sure to please even the most diehard bowhunter. The rests are equipped with a stainless steel launcher and axle, built-in launcher dampeners, an easy cord-length adjustment and redesigned limb-attachment clamps. The SmackDown Pro Series rests can be configured to attached to the upper or lower limb as well as the upward or downward moving cable as most standard fall-away rests are designed. Comes with Trophy Taker’s lifetime warranty. MSRP: $119.99

Vapor Trail Archery LimbDriver Pro-V

VaporTrail had a very successful 2011 campaign with the introduction of its Limbdriver Pro-V arrow rest. Now, the Limb Driver Pro-V is back with a new look. Lost Camo has come aboard, specifically designed to fit Mathews bows. The limb-driven speed of the launcher allows the arm to stay elevated 50 percent longer than cable-drive rests, resulting in great arrow stability and top-notch flight results. There is no fletching contact with the full-containment rest. MSRP: $134.99

Trophy Ridge Revolution Arrow Rest

The all new Revolution arrow rest is introduced by Trophy Ridge for 2012. This arrow rest is definitely, “one of a kind.” Whereas most fall-away style rests rise and fall, the Revolution actually rotates 90 degrees leaving the arrow path completely unobstructed. The arrow is fully contained both at rest and at full-draw. Unlike many full-containment rests you do have to cock the rest by hand each time that you load an arrow, as it will not cock itself upon drawing the bow. There are only a few rests on the market that allow this type of solid arrow containment.

Quality Archery Designs Ultrarest HDX Arrow Rest
The second-to-none quality and reliability of the original Ultra-Rest is incorporated into the Ultra-Rest HDX for 2012. The HDX has been updated with a couple of new features for 2012 including a sleek and slightly curved capture bar as well as a redesigned vertical adjustment. The rest can be cocked manually or simply by drawing the bow. The HDX is now available in a variety of colors to match every bow on the market and a couple of different camouflages including Lost Camo to match Mathews Bows. MSRP $154.95
Arizona Archery Equipment (AAE) DOA Arrow Rest
The DOA fall-away arrow rest from Arizona Archery Equipment uses the fast, smooth, fall-away arrow rest action and is one of the most accurate full capture fall-away arrow rest available.  AAE engineered and manufactured the DOA with the tightest of tolerances in the industry for accuracy and durability.  It employs a unique fall-away arm that stays up completely during the draw and maintains this position, even upon initial release of the arrow.  At approximately three quarters of the way through the arrow's launch cycle, the arm is then quickly "tripped" downward, just in time for the fletching to clear.  The arm will stay up when the bow is let down.  A pull cord activates the fall-away mechanism, but requires very little tension for a torque-free setup.  The containment arm is fully adjustable - in & out and up & down. This rest is designed to fit particular models of bows, so keep that in mind while shopping. The rests are available in black and a couple of different camo patterns and are made in both left and right hand models. ARP: $139.99
Xtreme Hardcore Gear V-Twin Capture Arrow Rest

WIth all the different varieties of arrows and cam systems in the bow market today, it can be difficult to find the right combination for perfect flight. Xtreme Hardcore Gear has helped fix that problem with the V-Twin Capture arrow rest, which is part of its all-new line-up for 2012. The rest allows you to adjust spring tension on each Teflon launcher for custom tuning of each side. Combined with a rubber mounted top-capture, you’ll have one of the most adjustable full-containment rests you can find anywhere. The rest is very durable and quiet, as it features a machined aluminum body. MSRP: $89.95

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