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New Archery Products Apache Carbon

How much can you improve a product that is arguably one of the best on the market? Well, New Archery Products is trying to do just that after the successes of the original Apache and the Apache Micro rests. The new Apache Carbon takes center stage. A product that has the full containment and popular features of it predecessors. The difference is a dramatic weight reduction due to the shift in materials from machined aluminum to carbon fiber, as well as a new, side-loading slot to make loading the arrow onto the rest quicker and easier. So, the Apache name is back and better than ever. The Apache Carbon is available in black and right-handed model only. MSRP: $119.99

New Archery Products ArmorRest Arrow Rest

One of the most recognizable names in the industry, New Archery Products, is back for 2012 in a big way. The company has released its newest drop-away arrow rest, the Armorrest, which will hold your arrow no matter the shot angle, even upside down. Worrying about fletching clearance will be a thing of the past, no matter what type of vane or feather you desire on your arrow. And while it weighs in at only five ounces, the titanium arms add unmatched strength. The Armorrest is available in black for right-handed shooters only. MSRP $139.99

ATA Show 2015

Expanding on their durable arrowrest line, the Nighthawk is made from lightweight Magnesium and sound dampening Santoprene and is sure to be a lightweight hit!

ATA Show 2015

The Redneck broadhead from New Archery Products is simular to the Thunderhead Razor but with a slightly redesigned ferrel and an amazing $19.99 price point for a 3 pack.  Still made in the USA!

New Archery Products Lost Camo Apache

New Archery Products Lost Camo Apache-The APACHE rests were introduced several years ago and continue to be leaders in durability and performance. In 2013 this trend of excellence continues and now the Apache arrow rests are available in Mathew’s Lost Camo and Realtree APG Camo. These arrow rests feature a V-shaped launcher that centers your arrow every time. The inside of the rest housing is pre-lined with sound-deadening material for a whisper-quiet release.

New Archery Products Carbon Apache

New Archery Products Carbon Apache-The Apache Carbon is an ultra-light carbon fiber version of the already popular and proven Apache by New Archery Products. The Apache Carbon contains a felt wrapped V-shaped launcher for a self-centering arrow alignment and is designed to be ultra-quiet just like it’s predecessors. If you are a back country bowhunter looking to shave some weight off your bow, check out the 4.5oz Apache Carbon.

Schaffer Archery Opposition Arrow Rest

Schaffer Archery Opposition Arrow Rest-The Schaffer Opposition is an arrow rest that was previously introduced but is now offered with custom fit mounting plates for Mathews and Hoyt bows. The rest isn’t your common drop away rest as the jaws separate and move to the sides as opposed to falling out of the way. The rest can be “locked” into position to hold an arrow securely (as in the arrow can’t move at all while walking), the bow can be drawn and fired from either the locked position or the open position. The rest has been tested to allow full fletching clearance at speeds of up to 418 feet per second.

Dead Center Archery Pro Bow Balancer

Dead Center Archery, Pro Bow Balancer - One
just has to take a quick glance at the Pro Bow Balancer to appreciate the pure tuning marvel that is available to them. This system makes balancing your tournament bow simple and easy. You can forget about holding the bow out in front of you to see where to add weights. I was able to play around with the device at the show and was blown away by how
easy it is to hook a bow into the handle and test for balance, allowing you to see where to add or subtract weight.  It doesn’t end there, I could tell the system was meant for years of use in an archery pro shop or at home due to the sturdy construction.

Full Flight Technology Velocitip Ballistic System
Full Flight Technology, Velocitip Ballistic System- If you’re a technical minded archer who loves collecting data and figuring out how your setup performs downrange, then the Velocitip Ballistic System is worth your time. All you have to do is thread the tip to your arrow and shoot at the target. The Velocitip system is housed in the field point and is activated when the arrow leaves the bow and stops when it hits the target, all the while measuring arrow performance more than a thousand times as the arrow is traveling downrange. Velocitip provides a wealth of data, yet target archers might find the precision trajectory, time-of-flight, and drag to be the most useful. Trajectory is useful for any archer but can really help 3D shooters and hunters who must estimate shot distance. Time-of-flight is the ultimate measure of which setup is the flattest shooting. Drag can be used to select the most consistent set of arrows for use in competition. You can finally see how your arrows are performing at any distance. All of this is done with data from your own arrows.
Specialty Archery Pro Series Hooded Peep
Specialty Archery, LLC, Pro Series Hooded Peep- You can’t control the outdoor elements, but you can control your archery equipment. The Pro Series Hooded Peep can do it all from a peep standpoint. It helps prevent glare in your peep due to the extra material at the top that both indoor and outdoor archers can benefit from. The peep also comes with an anodized matte finish, further enabling you to make the shot count on the range without fear of glare interference. If that wasn’t enough, you can also interchange aperture sizes without removing the peep from the string and you have the ability to add a clarifier or verifier. The Pro Series Hooded Peep is a key product for the technical minded archer.
Spot Hogg Spark
Spot Hogg, Spark As a guy who is always looking for ways to improve his shooting, the new Spark scope by Spot Hogg grabbed my attention. This product is so new that it didn’t even make the company’s 2013 catalog. The scope instantly stands out due to its multiple alignment rings, ability to add magnification lens, and four different reticle options (crosshair, duplex crosshair, circle, and dot), all of which can be lit with the addition of a light kit (with variable colors). The scope comes in two different mount sizes; the standard Spot Hogg mount and the universal mount with a 10/32 rod. Like all of Spot Hogg’s products, durability and precision are at a high level.
Bowstix- There is finally a solution for a proper way to rest your bow at a tournament or while bowhunting in a ground blind. No more laying your expensive bow on its side or scratching the limbs with other bow stands. Bowstix is a fully adjustable bow bi-pod that fits every major bow on the market. It works by screwing into your stabilizer mount on your bow and operates on a spear system that enables unlimited movement for a fully customized fit. You also have the ability to mount a stabilizer on the end of the Bowstix. This design allows you to shoot with the legs on, and when they are not needed, you can unscrew the legs from the mount and then screw the legs together and place in your quiver.
Hamskea Archery Solutions Easy Third Axis Level
Hamskea Archery Solutions, Easy Third Axis Level- While not a new product to the Hamskea line, the Easy Third Axis Level continues to be a strong tuning aid for archers. Shooting steep, up and downhill shots are the name of the game in tournaments. This simple leveling devise allows you to set your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis sight settings, which is crucial for getting rid of those right and left misses. Setting 3rd axis at full draw is pivotal in properly accounting for the effects your bow has from static to full draw as the load on your strings and cables increases. The compact nature of the tuning aid is perfect if you need to check your sight level while out on a 3D tournament or back at camp if you happen to drop your bow or bump the sight.
Hot Shot Manufacturing Eclipse
Hot Shot Manufacturing, Eclipse- Hot Shot Manufacturing ramped up their lineup of releases this year. The popular Eclipse release has been re-engineered for 2013, offering dual-locking screw adjustments for varying tension and trigger travel amount. Also the internal parts and hook have been improved, offering smooth and consistent firing. For the comfort side of things, the Eclipse has numerous adjustment capabilities in the thumb post for true, effortless shooting. It comes in four finger and three finger designs. A great release choice for the tournament archer.
Firenock APS
Firenock, APS (Arrow Preparation System)- One new product from Firenock that really excited me this year is the APS (Arrow Preparation System). This is an all-in-one tool for preparing your arrows for the field. Not only can you square and spin test an arrow, but you can also adjust the track system to allow you to square the nock side of an arrow that has already been fletched. Also, you have the ability to add and change the grinding surface by utilizing sandpaper that is readily available at a hardware store. Gone are the days of waiting a week to receive new parts to square an arrow. It seems that no corners have been cut with this design. Precision is taken to the highest level.
Flying Arrow Archery Toxic
They are calling it “Meat Worm Technology”, the Toxic Broadhead may be changing blood trails forever with this fixed blade broadhead. The Toxic Broadhead is said to be field tip accurate due to the reduced wind drag design, while flying whisper quiet. There are no moving parts or set screws and the blades are replaceable. With just under 5” of cutting surface on impact, I can only image what the wound channel would look like. They will be offered in 100 grain models with a chisel tip and blades that are surgically sharp. Look for them soon.
Xpedition Archery Xplorer

First and foremost, to make the shot, a hunter must have a bow that they feel confident shooting. Make model and manufacturer isn’t necessarily as important as how well you shoot it. In the end that is all that really matters. Several (if not all) bow companies released a new model this year. Most notably were the Mathew’s Creed, Hoyt Spider, Bow Tech Experience, and PSE Dream Season DNA, Bear Motive 6, and the Elite Hunter. In addition, Xpedition Archery introduced three new bows at this year’s ATA Show that seemed to be a big hit. Two of the models, the Xplorer and X-Ring VII, are perfect for hunting and very fast with an IBO rating up to 338 feet per second. The former has an axle to axle length of 30.5 inches and a brace height of 7 inches. The latter is a little longer at 33.5 inches and has a brace height of 7.25 inches. Both models come in either molten black or Realtree AP Xtra finish.

Victory VForce Arrow

Victory's hottest hunting arrow just got hotter, This standard hunting diameter shaft integrated with the tightest tolerances in the industry makes one deadly combination for Broadhead accuracy. The VForce now comes with Bohning blazer nocks and inserts. Glue in target points and pin bushing are sold separately. These arrows are manufactured with the highest quality carbon composite fibers available and are sorted to +/- 0.5 of grain weight per dozen on all 300, 350 and 400 sizes, and +/- 3 grains weight tolerance on 500 's and 600's per dozen.

Vapor Trail Archery LimbDriver Pro-V

VaporTrail had a very successful 2011 campaign with the introduction of its Limbdriver Pro-V arrow rest. Now, the Limb Driver Pro-V is back with a new look. Lost Camo has come aboard, specifically designed to fit Mathews bows. The limb-driven speed of the launcher allows the arm to stay elevated 50 percent longer than cable-drive rests, resulting in great arrow stability and top-notch flight results. There is no fletching contact with the full-containment rest. MSRP: $134.99

Quality Archery Designs Ultrarest HDX Arrow Rest
The second-to-none quality and reliability of the original Ultra-Rest is incorporated into the Ultra-Rest HDX for 2012. The HDX has been updated with a couple of new features for 2012 including a sleek and slightly curved capture bar as well as a redesigned vertical adjustment. The rest can be cocked manually or simply by drawing the bow. The HDX is now available in a variety of colors to match every bow on the market and a couple of different camouflages including Lost Camo to match Mathews Bows. MSRP $154.95
Arizona Archery Equipment (AAE) DOA Arrow Rest
The DOA fall-away arrow rest from Arizona Archery Equipment uses the fast, smooth, fall-away arrow rest action and is one of the most accurate full capture fall-away arrow rest available.  AAE engineered and manufactured the DOA with the tightest of tolerances in the industry for accuracy and durability.  It employs a unique fall-away arm that stays up completely during the draw and maintains this position, even upon initial release of the arrow.  At approximately three quarters of the way through the arrow's launch cycle, the arm is then quickly "tripped" downward, just in time for the fletching to clear.  The arm will stay up when the bow is let down.  A pull cord activates the fall-away mechanism, but requires very little tension for a torque-free setup.  The containment arm is fully adjustable - in & out and up & down. This rest is designed to fit particular models of bows, so keep that in mind while shopping. The rests are available in black and a couple of different camo patterns and are made in both left and right hand models. ARP: $139.99
Morrell Targets

Morrell had several great new targets on display including this Mathews-branded model

Good Friends
Todd Graf hanging out with our friends Jim Broberg and Brian Bychowski from Pine Ridge
Pine Ridge Nitro Stabilzer
The new Nitro stabilzer from Pine Ridge not only kills noise and vibration, but allows you to customize the look of your bow in up to 8 different color combinations.
Cheyenne, WY
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