Blind Webb by Spidy Gear


The Blind Webb by Spidy Gear provides a fast and easy way to conceal nearly any ground blind. Remove the Blind Webb from its storage bag, drape it over your blind, and begin to attach local foliage to fully conceal your blind. The Blind Webb is adjustable to fit most hunting blinds with up to a 60”x60” footprint, and up to a 74” peak height. The heavy duty stretch construction of the Blind Webb is UV coated to stand up against the elements, and also features a fully adjustable mounting and clip system to hold foliage tight where you need it, but still keep it out of the way of your shooting windows. Use the Blind Webb to bring new life to a faded, ripped, and worn out blind, or use it to fully conceal your blind so that you no longer need to pre-set the blind days in advance to acclimate local game to its presence.