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Trophy Taker Ulmer Edge


Trophy Taker’s new Ulmer Edge broadhead is packed full of features that expandable broadhead fans will love. First and foremost, the head truly offers field tip accuracy due to the extremely low flight profile. Upon impact, razor sharp rear deploying blades create devastating full size entrance holes with maximum penetration. Patent pending blade design engages both blades together at full cutting diameter while allowing the blades to pivot around heavy bone. Other features that round out this head include a bone splitting stainless steel tip, 1.5” cutting diameter, and a blade retention system that prevents accidental blade deployment in flight or in your quiver! For those that still aren’t convinced, throw in the fact that the Ulmer Edge broadhead can be locked in “practice” mode and shot into ordinary broadhead targets without damaging the blades or the target and you have a broadhead that truly offers it all.