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NAP Big Nasty


Talk about reinventing yourself! The new Big Nasty takes NAP’s stalwart Razorcap broadhead, removes its adaptable ferrule system and uses the arrow shaft itself as the ferrule. The Big Nasty’s unique over-the-ferrule, shaft-forward design is an industry first that delivers greater strength, better alignment and deeper penetration with field-point accuracy in a fixed-blade broadhead.

As part of NAP’s Deep Six broadhead line, the Big Nasty is built for the Easton Injexion arrow, the industry’s smallest-diameter carbon arrow. Its diameter measures .236 inches compared to .294 for the Easton Axis, which is already 30 percent smaller than standard carbon arrows. It can also be used with arrows using NAP’s Deep Six inserts, which provide 25 percent more thread engagement to keep points secure inside the ferrule. Stainless-steel material is 65 percent stronger than conventional aluminum components.

In effect, the already accurate and durable Razorcap is even stronger and more accurate in its Big Nasty reincarnation. This three-blade, cut-on-contact broadhead weighs 100 grains and has a 1-1/8-inch cutting diameter. Be advised, though, that you must cut your arrow shafts one inch longer than normal to accommodate the Big Nasty’s over-the-ferrule design.